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September 01


Download Episode Below : Thanks for the shout out at 39:20 of the podcast.  It’s much appreciated. -Batman 66 -Cactus Canyon remake? -Project Updates -Nine Ball is a PITA!! -Plug Time/Listener Email -Games to Like, Games to Hate -Quicksilver For Sale-Too Slow!! -Pinball Life Party -Upcoming Tournaments

August 09

Check out my Spiderman VE unboxing video posted on Bleeding

Bleeding has posted a story about Dennis Barger, a comic book store owner who is portrayed on the DMD screen of the Stern’s Spiderman VE.  Bleeding Cool has posted a link to my unboxing video of my friends Spiderman VE in the story.  Thanks Bleeding Cool for the post. Check out the story below […]

August 06


It’s been a long time, but Rod, Gaz, and Stevie are back with episode 20.  Great podcast and always a great listen. Always looking forward to the next episode of the Pinheadz Podcast.  Thanks for the shout out guys at 1: 57:20.  Always appreciated. 00:00:00 INTRO In memoriam of Australia’s coin op pioneer Dante Zambello. […]

August 04


I got to hang out and play a bunch of Ghost Busters Pro with Taylor from This Flippin Podcast at Replay FX 2016.  Had a great time playing and chatting with Taylor.  Taylor, thanks for the shout out at 2:28:35.  Always appreciated. Tommy and Taylor talk Pinburgh, border crossings and a detailed recap of how […]

August 02

News : Replay FX Intergalactic Pinball Championship : Winner Eric DeStasio

I did not have any info on the standings of this event, but now I do.  Here it is, Saturday’s Replay FX mini tournament called Intergalactic Pinball Championship with the standings of the event.  Eric DeStasio, also known as the Stash Kid won the event with only getting one X in the entire tournament. Congrats […]

July 06

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds Concert At the Beacon Theatre NYC

This post has nothing to do with pinball but it does have to do with one of the three things that I truly appreciate in life.  Pinball, the band Oasis, and Noel Gallagher.  Heck, two of my company names bare the partial song title of one of the most iconic Oasis tracks ever written.  I am truly a fan for over 20 […]

July 05

PINBALL SUPERNOVA SIGHTING : The Broken Token Giving Blood and Wearing the T-Shirt

Broken Token was nice enough to post a picture on Twitter of a Pinball Supernova t-shirt with a sticker for the American Red Cross.  Thanks for wearing the shirt and thanks for giving blood.  Very nice on both fronts. Broken Token Twitter Post : Check out Broken Token’s Podcast.  Great podcast with Whitney and Brent who are always […]

July 01

PODCAST UPDATE : BROKEN TOKEN : Episode 43 – Next exit, Silicone Valley

Friends of the Pinball Supernova website and social media sites, Whitney and Brent from Broken Token have released a new episode.  Always a great listen.  Thanks for the support guys. Thanks for the shoutout at 4:21:02 guys.  You  are very welcome for the goodies. Download Episode Here : June 2016 We are back from the Southern-Fried Gameroom […]

June 29

PINBALL SUPERNOVA SIGHTING : Don From the Pinball Podcast Wearing the Pinball Supernova T-Shirt At Rocky Mountain Pinball Show

Friend to the blog and Pinball Supernova websites, Don from the Pinball Podcast was kind enough to wear the Pinball Supernova t-shirt at the Rocky Mountain Pinball Show.  He also wore the shirt while doing the Pinball Podcast live at RMPS which was covered by Pinball News.  Don thanks for supporting the site as you and Jeff always do. […]

June 29

PINBALL SUPERNOVA SIGHTING : Todd Showing Off His High Score on TOM While Wearing His Pinball Supernova T-Shirt

Todd was kind enough to send in a picture of him playing Theater of Magic and showing off his high score for the night .  Todd thanks for supporting the site and wearing the shirt. Purchase Pinball Supernova T-Shirts Below :