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Pinball Tech Repair : Cloning, Duplicating, Stern Spike SD Card On Newer Stern Pinball Machines

DISCLAIMER : Try At Your Own Risk : I have wondered how to duplicate the Stern Kiss SD card in my pinball machine for backup purposes.  I have figured it out using a software called HDD Raw Copy that duplicates all files creating an image to a destination file.  HDD Raw Copy also copies hidden files […]

Game of Thrones Flyers and Kiss Service Manuals Released From Stern

Stern has released flyers for its GOT pinball machine.  The flyers are for the LE and Pro edition.  Also Stern has released manuals for the three versions of Kiss pinball. GOT PRO :     GOT LE :   Kiss Manual :  Click Link to Download Manual : Click on Specs and Manuals

Stern Pinball, Thank You For The Share On Your Facebook Page.

Stern Pinball posted my video on the installation and game play of my Kiss Pinball Topper on their Facebook page.  Thank you for the share Stern, appreciate the support and kind words. Great topper. Check Out the Installation Video and Website Below : Video of Installation and Game Play: Website Post :

September 29

Kiss Pinball Topper Video Game Play and Installation

I just installed the Stern topper on my Kiss LE pinball machine. It was quite easy. It involved unscrewing the screws that are prescrewed into the top of the back box and placing the topper on top of the holes and fastening it down with the screws that were just taken out. The wires that come […]

Stern Pinball Producing Shooter Rods and Side Rails for Kiss Pinball

Stern is assembling shooter rods and side rails for Kiss pinball at the factory.  I have to say that the side rails look impressive, but for $500.00 with stickers applied as the artwork, that’s pretty steep.  I don’t think i’m in the market at that price.  The shooter rod looks as if you get the […]

Kiss Game Code Released : Version 1.05 : No Game Play Updates

Review coming soon when I receive the Kiss Topper. V1.05 – Sept. 21, 2015 ======================= – Added support for the KISS topper. – Added support for external ticket dispenser for redemption pinball for beta testing. PINBALL GAME SOFTWARE UPDATE INSTRUCTIONS 1) Download the latest code for your game by visiting and following the links […]

Kiss Pinball at Modern Pinball NY

I played Kiss Pinball Pro at Modern Pinball NY last week.  I think the game plays really well.  I am not really keen on the rules but game play was fun.  I read online the day before going to Modern that Kiss was locking up.  I was very happy to see the game working and […]

The Making of Kiss Pinball Video

Stern released a video showing the production and features of the new Kiss pinball machine.  As Stern does, the video shows the creators, game play, and commentary about the making of the pinball machine. At 2:07 minutes into the video, a DMD is shown going through the switch test of a Simpson’s Pinball Party created […]

Video Game Play of German Kiss Spec LE Running Code 1.0 : Featuring Flying Child Love Gun Multi Ball

Stern has posted a video showing the German LE Kiss pinball with code 1.0.  The game is being played by John Borg.  At the end of the video the game I believe shows the animated Paul Stanley when the Love Gun multi ball is activated.  The animation of the Paul Stanley figure is not that […]

New Pics of Kiss Pinball From Stern’s Facebook Page : Video from Chicago World News

A video was posted on Chicago WGN News of Jody Dankberg showing the new Kiss pinball machine on the assembly line : Thanks to Yancy from Pinside for posting the video link: Link to Video : Pics from Stern’s Facebook Page :