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August 14


Watch the Ghost Busters Video Below (Review, Game Play, and Unboxing) I got to unbox, video, play, and review my friend Joe’s Ghost Busters LE pinball machine.  The game’s artwork and design looks great.  From the green slime color to the bright illustrations designed by Zombi Yetti, the package is a winner.  The game is brutally fast […]

June 16

News : Ghost Busters Review and Rules By Bright Lights Bumper City

Bright Lights Bumper City blog has posted an article about Ghost Busters pinball.  Its a great article that explains the rules and also Derek’s (the writer of the post) love of the game.  Awesome article that I wanted to share. Earlier in the year when there was a leak of the backglass for Stern’s next […]

May 05

Ghost Busters LE Video Stream With Dead Flip

Check out the Ghost Busters LE pinball machine with Stern and Jack Danger.  The video shows off the new features of the game including the ecto goggles hologram, metal ramp and subway, and the magnetic slings.

April 19

News : What You Need To Know About The New ‘Ghostbusters’ Pinball Machine : Forbes / Tech

An lengthy article written by Forbes magazine in its tech section about the new Stern pinball Ghost Busters and its creator John Trudeau. Faced with the rise of video games and the fall of the arcade, just a few years ago it seemed like the pinball industry seemed on its way out. Things sure have changed. Today, […]

April 06


Taken from Stern’s Facebook Account : FIRST LOOK – New Ghostbusters inner art blades by Zombie Yeti Studios! These licensed art blades can be installed easily on the Pro, Premium or LE models of Ghostbusters Pinball. The artwork was specifically designed with the objects and plastics that are around it in mind. You will notice […]

April 05

Mod Alert : Stern Announces Side Armor for Ghost Busters

Stern has released on its Facebook page images of the new Ghost Busters side armor.  The side armor shows two colors available, green and black. (Green for LE and black for Premium). The armor will be available through Stern and all its affiliates. Taken From Stern’s Facebook Page : FIRST LOOK – New Ghostbusters Laser-Cut Armor Upgrade […]

March 16

NEWS AND VIDEO : Dead Flip Video Of Ghost Busters From the Stern Factory

Jack Danger and Dead Flip has posted its video from Tuesday the 15th of the game play of the new Ghost Busters pinball game play. Click the link below to view the video :    

March 15

Rule Sheets for Stern’s Ghost Busters Pinball

Courtesy of  Stern’s Facebook page : Stern has posted the rules for the upcoming Ghost Busters pinball machine.   Tonight : March 15th GHOSTBUSTERS PINBALL LIVE – Join Dead Flip : Pinball Streaming host Jack Danger on Twitch from the Stern Pinballfactory floor Tuesday March 15th at 5pmCST for a very special broadcast! Click Below @ March 15th, […]

March 10

Ghost Busters Pinball Unveiled by IGN and Stern: Finally

The best kept secret has been unveiled finally (sarcasm).  IGN has posted pics and a video of the new Ghost Busters Pinball by Stern.  I think everyone knew this was coming.  The play field looks packed with toys and the artwork looks great.  Three models will be introduced, Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition.  Ghost Busters […]