keeping the ball alive. Kickstarter November 11


keeping the ball alive. Kickstarter

Hello Kickstarter Backers,

All of our fulfillment surveys have been sent! We will be fulfilling all orders starting next week, so please be sure to fill out your Backerkit survey no later than Tuesday, November 17. 

Several of you have voiced concern about the shipping costs. We have spent a lot of time thinking about and working on this issue, especially for international backers.

First, we want to say we understand the issue. We were surprised to find so many backers were international when we did the Pre-shipping survey. We had no idea there were that many international backers. International shipping is extremely expensive right now, and the pandemic has hit many people financially. Even though we researched all our options and selected the least expensive reliable option, we understand it may not be feasible to ask you to pay more for shipping than you paid for the book.

After careful consideration, we are willing to provide refunds. But before you choose this option, let me suggest you give it some thought.

These books are essentially one-of-a-kind art pieces, custom created for each of you. We printed just 500 books for 444 backers, many of whom purchased several copies. The covers and signatures are custom to your pledge level, and each and every one of you has your name printed in the book on the Kickstarter backer page, with a note reading, “This book made possible by”.

This is why we are insisting on reliable shipping: if a book gets lost in the mail, it will be nearly impossible to replace it. And we believe, especially after a few years, these books will be worth much more than you paid for them. While we are actively seeking a publisher for future printings, we may not succeed, and we may never do another run of books, in which case these will be the only copies in existence. And even if we do get the book published or do another printing run, they will definitely be different editions. So right now is the only chance to get this original, one-of-a-kind book that was made for you, complete with your name in the credits.

If, knowing all this, you still want a refund, we will be doing it through the Kickstarter system. The payment would be applied back to your original payment method. Kickstarter makes these notes about refunds:

As backers are unable to update the payment method for pledges that have been collected, any refunds processed through Kickstarter can only be sent to the original payment method.

If the card on file is no longer active, one of the following typically happens:

  • If the original card used was attached to an account, as most  debit and credit cards are, the bank will see the incoming credit on an  expired card and roll it into the appropriate account.
  • Our payments processor uses an updater service that will know  if a card number is no longer valid and has been replaced with a new valid number. In this case, the credit should be issued to the valid  card number.

To request a refund, send us a direct message here on Kickstarter with the words “I DO WANT A REFUND” in all caps as the first line. After which I will go in by hand and change your pledge level in Backerkit to zero. I will also send you a reply message noting that your refund request has been documented.

Please note 

1. We will be issuing a refund for 90% of your pledge value. Kickstarter keeps 5% and PayPal takes 5%, so we only ever saw 90% of the money in the first place.

2. Refunds will take 60-90 days to process.

3. Refund requests must be made by November 17.

If you DO want to receive your rewards, please be sure to reply to the survey by November 17. If you have not received a survey, please contact us immediately via Kickstarter with the subject line MISSING SURVEY.

We are so excited for you to finally be able to hold this amazing book in your hands! We are incredibly proud of it, and hope you will be too. We truly could not have achieved this without your support!

Best, Dameon, Joe, and the Paperflock team