May 21



A lot has happened since we sent our last official update. Not only a lot has changed at Dutch Pinball, but the World itself has changed quite a bit in the last few months due to the Covid19 outbreak. Firstly and most importantly we hope you and your family are safe and well in these extraordinary times.

Production continues at Dutch Pinball
Despite the Covid19 outbreak we are still able to keep building new games. Fortunately, the measures in The Netherlands allow us to work albeit with strict rules on social distancing. We currently benefit from not being a large company yet. Dutch Pinball currently consists of four full time employees. The 5th employee starts this week: Tara, Barry’s daughter, will join our team!
A glimpse of our Headquarters

Big 1
First Early Achiever games have shipped!
We are very excited to inform you that we have started shipping new EA games to our customers! Right now, one of every four games we build, will go to an Early Achiever. Delivering all EA’s is the main goal of Dutch Pinball and we’re sure we will succeed in doing this. We can’t thank you enough for your incredible patience and believe that we are pulling this off. We also appreciate all the nice emails we received with continuous support for Dutch Pinball, even in times when the future did not look good.

All EA games will be equiped with the – limited only for Early Achievers – Achiever Edition Apron:

big 2

Below the apron is a circuit board with LED’s that illuminate the apron in a way that is unique for a pinball machine: it interacts with the light show of the game. In future updates we will also make it interact during gameplay.

Looking forward
In recent months we have spent a lot of time to manufacture the game as efficient as possible. We also spent a lot of time developing and setting up our warehouse and our own ERP system, specifically for manufacturing pinball machines. We are now almost at the level that we believe is the best way to build, test, and ship our games.

We also started working with companies that supply sub assemblies so that we can build even faster. In the coming months, we will continue to outsource the production of ‘simple’ sub assemblies to qualified companies. Of course we will continue to do the most difficult parts ourselves: assembling the playfield and the final assembly of the entire machine.

Photo Gallery BTS
Here are some random photos we took in the last few months, just for fun : )We hope you appreciated and enjoyed this update. We’ll send out more updates as soon as we have more ‘new shit’ to show you guys!

We hope you appreciated and enjoyed this update. We’ll send out more updates as soon as we have more ‘new shit’ to show you guys!

Until then, stay tuned.

Best regards,
Team Dutch Pinball