February 20



Gouveia, the person that created the winged monkey and red smoke witch is releasing a new mod Tuesday the 25th of next week.  This is the crystal ball mod which upgrades the present toy on the playfield. The crystal ball has a more detailed base and looks more to the original from the movie.

The reservation list will be long so get in early.

Click the URL below to find out more information about the mod :


Price : $170.00 + Shipping

Gouveia (The Designer of the Crystal Ball Mod) Statement from Pinside :

Hey everyone!

Here’s a few more details on my new mod. The mod does not include the actual crystal ball, because you’ll be using the crystal ball in your machine. You’ll need to simply remove the ball from it’s plastic base. Detailed instructions will be sent to you when it’s mailed. It’s a pretty easy installation.

The mod will be $170 plus shipping. It’s a handmade and hand-painted solid piece of resin. It does not shoot lasers.

The list is limited to 100.

If the demand is higher, I’ll start a second list to make sure all of you who want one can get it. I expect to have them all sent out within the next eight weeks.

I’ll post a picture on this thread and open the “OFFICIAL LIST” on Tuesday, February 25th at 12:00 PM Pacific Time (that’s SoCal, San Diego time). Just write on the thread after the pic that you are “IN” or something like that and you’re on the list. Pretty simple. So set your timepieces, accordingly.

Thank you so much. You guys are truly the best.