February 20


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NEW CODE! Stern Pinball has posted new Stranger Things code v0.85.0 for the Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models.

This code contains bug fixes, additional polish, and game enhancements.

Pro – v0.85.0:

Premium – v0.85.0:

Limited Edition – v0.85.0:


Installation notice:
The code release is in ZIP format.
The code download will need to be unzipped before installing on a USB stick.

Update instructions:
Download the zip file.
Unzip the file; this will create a folder that contains file(s).
Open the folder, copy the file(s) to the root level of a USB stick. (Do not
copy the folder.)
Power the game off.
Insert the USB stick.
Turn the game on.
After the game boots up, there will be an option for software update.
The volume buttons change options for full or quick update. The enter button
selects the option and starts the update.
Once the update is completed, turn the game off and remove the USB stick.
Turn the game on and the game will be running the new code.

LE/PRE V0.85.0 – February 19, 2020

– Added logic to hold up balls from being kicked out of the trough while the center
ramp is being lowered. This helps with balls getting temporarily stuck under
the ramp.
– Raised the priority of Bust Out and What’s That background display effects.
Now, starting a chapter mode with Bust Out or What’s That active will result
in Bust Out or What’s That being the primary background display/music.
– Changed the criteria for when Demodog Targets are allowed to advance the
Demodog Attack feature.
– Added audits to the Demogorgon modes/multiball for KILLING a Demogorgon via
a body bash/hit.
– Added a Demogorgon mouth entrance switch closure audit.
– Added the Demogoron to ball search.
– Changed the rules/shots for What Mama Says. Now the center shot/arrow is no
longer available. Instead, shoot ramps, orbits or inner lanes. A blinking
arrow still indicates a shot’s score award is doubled.
– Added a UV lamp test which is accessible in Diagnostics via the menu
Diag->Lamp->UV Test. This test is available when the adjustment
“UV Kit Installed” = YES.
– Fixed a bug in Turn up the Heat and Break Out that could cause the game to
reset when the mode prematurely ended via draining into the trough.
– Fixed a bug in Lure Dart where the mode timer was not being displayed on the
LCD screen.
– Changed some text in Sound Test to match the speech being played.
– Changed the default value for left billboard rotation. This will make it look
look correct in projector test so it matches what’s actually in game.
– Now Dart Pop animations stay visible longer before fading out.
– Modified the Demodog M and O target animations to independently show when the
respective drop targets in front of them go down, if they are able.
– Removed mode timer information from the Left Billboard during Turn up the Heat
as this is a non timed mode.
– Fixed a bug where the mode timer was still being displayed on the Left
Billboard during a mode’s grace period.
– Fixed issue with the M and O targets in projector test so that they’re
individually controllable.
– Added Demodogs animations to the M-O targets.
– Added new Dart artwork to the pop bumpers.
– Added the M and O targets to projector test.
– Added drop target logic to trip/reset the drop targets during projector test
to allow projected images to appear on non obfuscated surfaces. Drops will
reset upon exiting projector test, if necessary.
– Now the red borders are thinner on all of the projector test surface images
so they overlap less on other surfaces.
– Added a custom font for the Left Billboard and center justified it’s mode
timer digits.
– Fixed an issue where the right target at the left ramp did not adhere to the
projector diagnostics coordinate settings.
– Modified the jackpots displays on the ramps in TK MB to stop showing during
MB grace period.

– Updated 10 band graphic EQ to have 15 slider settings (was 120) above/below
the neutral center line.
– Renamed Util->Volume->Speaker Balance to Speaker Fade. This adjusts the volume
levels of the cabinet (front) and backbox (back) speakers. The term Balance
was misleading and implied adjusting the level of the left and right backbox