February 19


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NEW CODE! Stern Pinball has posted Jurassic Park code v1.00.0 for the Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models.

This update features the final wizard mode, When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth! This wizard mode can only be achieved through standard gameplay and successfully escaping the penultimate wizard mode, Escape Nublar! This code still includes the Escape Nublar mini challenge game option. To activate players will hold both flipper buttons during attract mode (with credits on the machine or free play enabled) and select “CHALLENGE”. The Escape Nublar Challenge mini game will have its own dedicated high score board.

This code also contains bug fixes, enhancements and additional polish.

Pro – v1.00.0:

Premium – v1.00.0:

Limited Edition – v1.00.0:


Update instructions:
1 – Download the zip file
2 – Unzip the file, this will create a folder that contains two files
3 – Open folder, copy only the file(s) to the root level of a USB stick. Do
not copy the folder.
4 – Power game off
5 – Insert USB stick
6 – Turn on game
7 – After game boots up it will give the option for software update
8 – Volume buttons change options for full or quick update. Enter selects the
option and starts the update.
9 – Once update is completed game will prompt user to power game off and
remove USB stick.

V1.00.0 – February 19, 2020
– When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth – added a new Ultra Wizard Mode that is started if you complete Visitor Center, Museum Mayhem, Secure Control Room and Escape Nublar
– Escape Nublar – added intro blowoff when you press both flipper buttons
– Escape Nublar – extra balls awarded after starting Escape Nublar will award consolation points (15M)
– Escape Nublar Challenge – initial path you are spotted is determined by the direction of the Truck when the mode starts
– Visitor Center – fixed an issue where the Inlane Up Post would not come up to catch ball during a Fossil award / Tilt warning
– DNA Combos – now enabled
– DNA Combos – sound effect will now happen the moment the combo is achieved, the display effect may be queued up and displayed later if necessary
– DNA Combos – some of the harder combos have been made easier (check Instant Info for details)
– Super Combos – now score 5X instead of 3X
– Perfect Paddock – added a bonus 2x paddock bounty if all the staff is rescued from a paddock
– Super Combos – added new compy attack videos for super combos
– Instant Info – updated Rescues info page to track current percentage of staff rescued
– Instant Info – added instant info page to track DNA combos and how to collect them
– Instant Info – added instant info page to track Wildcard Fossils collected and how to collect them
– Skill Shot – added Ultra Super Skill Shot which starts a special hidden feature for that player’s game
– Skill Shot – added MXV Skill Shot
– High Score Tables – added When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth Champion
– High Score Tables – added Skill Shot Champion
– High Score Tables – added DNA Champion
– Raptor Tower Combos – fixed an issue where the tower combo text was occasionally being formatted improperly
– Action Button – fixed an issue where the lockdown button would turn green with no credits in the game
– Speech – fixed an issue where instruction speech could be heard after end ball
– Credit / Partial Credit Sounds – updated sound effects

– System – Updated to V2.44.0
– Updated to nodeboard firmware v0.57.0
– Updated 10 band graphic EQ to have 15 slider settings (was 120) above/below the
neutral center line.
– Rename Util->Volume->Speaker Balance to Speaker Fade. This adjusts the volume
levels of the cabinet (front) and backbox (back) speakers. The term Balance
was misleading and implied adjusting the level of the left and right backbox speakers.

– Adjustment Changes:
– removed ‘NUBLAR CHALLENGE ON START PRESS’ in favor of Standard Adjustment ‘GAME MODE ON START’ in the SPI adjustments. Defaults to STANDARD, set to CHALLENGE to always start Escape Nublar Challenge on start button press.