February 11


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NEW CODE OF RAGE! Stern Pinball has posted Black Knight code v1.01.0 for the Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models.

This update contains full topper incorporated code, making our custom, one-of-a-kind animatronic Black Knight toppers interact like no other topper! It also includes custom interactive speech available exclusively to machines installed with this topper. This code also features an alternative soundtrack to the gameplay experience available as an adjustment. In addition this code also contains mode balancing, scoring improvements, bug fixes, enhancements and additional polish.

Pro – v1.01.0:

Premium – v1.01.0:

Limited Edition – v1.01.0:

Premium Update :

Installation notice:
This code release is in zip format. The zip file downloaded will need
to be unzipped before installing on a USB stick.

Update instructions:
1 – Download the zip file
2 – Unzip the file, this will create a folder that contains SPK file(s).
3 – Open folder, copy only the file(s) to the root level of a USB stick. Do
not copy the folder.
4 – Power game off
5 – Insert USB stick
6 – Turn on game
7 – After game boots up it will give the option for software update
8 – Volume buttons change options for full or quick update. Enter selects the
option and starts the update.
9 – Once update is completed game will prompt user to power game off and
remove USB stick.

LE V1.01 – February 11, 2020
– Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented players from earning KNIGHT letters
from a mode that had been continued on a subsequent ball.
– Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented players from having the correct
number of target hits required to relight catapult multiball.
– Fixed an issue that sometimes kept foreground display effects on the screen
during KNIGHT multiballs.
– Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented the war hurry up display effects
from playing over the main play display effects.
– Fixed an issue during modes where players could sometimes share mode shot
– Extra ball is lit display effect will no longer play if extra ball is not
– Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause the left ball save not to save a
ball when the player took a tilt warning.
– Fixed an issue that prevented the War Hurry up champion high score from
getting updated.
– Fixed an issue that caused the mystery awards to be shared among players in
a competition game. Each player’s mystery awards are now tracked individually
in competition play.
– Fixed an issue that could cause Black Castle mode to remain lit if a player
tilted while playing Black Castle mode.

– Deep Freeze mode shots will always start with the same shot array, even when
the mode continues from ball to ball.
– Reduced the intensity of GI effects during the mystery award light show.
– Shield Diverter Disabled adjustment will allow you to start all shield
features by bashing the shield.
– Catapult multiball now has background text to show the value of jackpots
and super jackpots. These messages are also present during Super Catapult
Multiball which is earned by completing Last Chance.
– Removed critical lights from skill shot and war hurry ups light shows.
– Changed the TKC Multiball start video to play after the mode start video.
Lock videos still play before the mode start videos.
– Last chance mode is now disabled in competition mode.
– Locked out the Horse Whinny sound for game start – no credits for 30 seconds
after it is played.
– Moved the War Hurry up priority above mode priority. This makes it easier to
see hurry up and score values for the war hurry up shots.
– Added flail movement logic to Retro Multiball.
– Added additional flail movement logic to Triple Knight’s Challenge
– Removed shoot again light from the Magna-Save light show.
– Added a display effect to show how many left bank completions are required
to earn Ball Save.
– Lowered the default slingshot power to 16. Competition install will set
slingshot power to 24.
– Modified the Extra Ball display effect to show the score if the game is set to
award points instead of an extra ball.
– Changed KNIGHT feature start rules. KNIGHT modes can be started while modes
and WAR Hurry ups are running. Doing so will end all running modes. KNIGHT
modes cannot be started while any multiball or wizard mode is running.
– Made Sword of Rage easier to qualify.
– SWORD OF RAGE DIFFICULTY adjustment defaults to EASY
– Prior to starting 1st mode – Sword is 70% completed.
– After power is activated – Sword is 40% completed.
– Rest of game – Sword is 0% completed.
– Center target and right drop target bank add more progress to filling
sword meter.

– Sound balancing and additional audio enhancements.

– Various Scoring Tweaks

– Reset the value of upper playfield loops on every ball.

– Increased the value of Magna-Save bonus. Starts at 2.5m. Increases by 750k
for every successful Magna-Save.

– Removed all the existing score mystery awards (250k, 750k, 1.5m, 2.5m) and
replaced with high scoring awards (2m, 3m, 4m, 5m.)

– Increased mode scoring.
– All modes have a base value starting at 2m.
– Increased by +200k for each mode completed.
– Increased by +950k for each lap of modes completed.
– Draining while a mode is active will reset the mode scores to the base 2m.

– Increased the score bonuses for shooting the flail prior to a mode
– Flail bonuses are reset when the mode starts and cannot be earned until
the next mode is qualified.
– Flail bonuses are reset when the ball drains.
– Shooting the flail when it’s closed awards +200k.
– Shooting the flail when it’s spinning awards +400k.
– Shooting the flail when it’s open awards +250k (increases by 25k.)

– Increased the scoring in Hydra and Lich mode on mode shots that did not
progress toward completing the mode.

– Changed default mode difficulty to MEDIUM.
– Tweaked the number of mode shots required to complete modes.
– Molten Fire (Magma Beast)
– Easy: 6 shots to complete. 2 shots for KNIGHT letter.
– Medium: 8 shots to complete. 3 shots for KNIGHT letter.
– Hard: 10 shots to complete. 4 shots for KNIGHT letter.
– Wicked Cavern (Hell Hand)
– Easy: 6 shots to complete. 2 shots for KNIGHT letter.
– Medium: 8 shots to complete. 3 shots for KNIGHT letter.
– Hard: 10 shots to complete. 4 shots for KNIGHT letter.
– Mud Bod (Hydra)
– Easy: 3 heads sealed to complete. 1 sealed for KNIGHT letter.
– Medium: 4 heads sealed to complete. 2 sealed for KNIGHT letter.
– Hard: 5 heads sealed to complete. 3 sealed for KNIGHT letter.
– Deep Freeze (Lich Lords)
– Easy: 3 liches defeated to complete. 1 defeated for KNIGHT letter.
– Medium: 4 liches defeated to complete. 2 defeated for KNIGHT letter.
– Hard: 5 liches defeated to complete. 3 defeated for KNIGHT letter.
– Burning Sands (Sand Worm)
– Easy: 6 shots to complete. 2 shots for KNIGHT letter.
– Medium: 8 shots to complete. 3 shots for KNIGHT letter.
– Hard: 10 shots to complete. 4 shots for KNIGHT letter.

– Increased war hurry up scoring.
– Base Value for all hurry ups is 3m.
– Score for subsequent hurry ups is set to the value of the hurry up when
it was awarded or when it was terminated.
– The left pop bumper increases the value of the flail hurry up by
+225k+(5k*number of left pop bumper hits for this player this game)
– The bottom pop bumper increases the value of the target hurry up by
+175k+(5k*number of bottom pop bumper hits for this player this game)
– The right pop bumper increases the value of the target hurry up by
+195k+(5k*number of right pop bumper hits for this player this game)
– Increased max value of each hurry up to 25m.

– Modified the Super Feature rules and scoring
– Super Features now run with no timer.
– Super Features are started at level 1 (Green) by hitting the center
– All running Super Features are boosted by 1 level when a player shoots
the Left VUK during single-ball play.
– The Super Jackpot value shown on the UI is now collected by having a ball
roll over the right return lane switch within 5 seconds of a player
activating their Magna-Save.
– The Castle Spinner (Pro Only) will score 5,000 points. Super Spins scoring
will not boost the value of this spinner.

– New Super Feature Scoring

– Super Lanes Level 1 (Green) — 50,000
– Super Lanes Level 2 (Yellow) — 75,000
– Super Lanes Level 3 (Red) — 115,000
– Super Lanes Level 4 (Magenta) — 140,000

– Super Orbits Level 1 (Green) — 115,000
– Super Orbits Level 2 (Yellow) — 185,000
– Super Orbits Level 3 (Red) — 275,000
– Super Orbits Level 4 (Magenta) — 400,000

– Super Pops Level 1 (Green) — 35,000
– Super Pops Level 2 (Yellow) — 50,000
– Super Pops Level 3 (Red) — 95,000
– Super Pops Level 4 (Magenta) — 115,000

– Super Slings Level 1 (Green) — 100,000
– Super Slings Level 2 (Yellow) — 200,000
– Super Slings Level 3 (Red) — 350,000
– Super Slings Level 4 (Magenta) — 500,000

– Super Spins Level 1 (Green) — 14,000
– Super Spins Level 2 (Yellow) — 20,000
– Super Spins Level 3 (Red) — 28,000
– Super Spins Level 4 (Magenta) — 38,000

– Super Targets Level 1 (Green) — 100,000
– Super Targets Level 2 (Yellow) — 150,000
– Super Targets Level 3 (Red) — 250,000
– Super Targets Level 4 (Magenta) — 350,000

– Added topper support.
– Custom Black Knight speech plays when the flipper buttons are pressed
during attract mode and during gameplay with a topper installed.
– Full animatronic motion of the Black Knight head is synchronized with all
Black Knight speech effects and interacts with events during gameplay.
– Additional test menu support added for topper calibration.

– Added speech calls for WAR when war hurry ups start and RAGE when mystery
is lit from the inlanes.
– Added announcer speech calls on mode completion.
– Added alternate game soundtrack.
– Added adjustment for shield hold power.
– Added diagnostics icons to game menu.
– Added flame panel test menu entry.
– Added adjustment for backpedaling speech frequency. Defaults to NEVER.
Also has adjustments for Occasional (30% of the time) and Frequently.
– Added Butcher skeleton speech to Skill Shot.
– Added auto-adjusting Extra Ball to U-Turn Combo rule.
– If enabled, a mode must be started to light subsequent Catapult Locks.
– If enabled AND CATAPULT LOCK DIFFICULTY is set to hard, a mode must be
started before Catapult Locks can be lit.

Moved to System 2.43:
– Updated to nodeboard firmware v0.56.0

– Allow the knocker sound effect to play completely when a replay is
awarded during the last ball bonus and ensure the normal game volume is

– Added Standard Adjustment “MAX PLAYERS PER GAME”. Values are 1 to 4,
with a default setting of 4. This can be used to limit the number
of players that can be added to a game.

– Using LEFT+START to end a game during bonus count could leave game graphics
on screen while in attract mode. This has been corrected.

– Added UTIL->VOL Adjustment “SELECT AUDIO FILTER”. Values are:
“NONE”, “HIGH/LOW SHELF”, and “10 BAND EQ”. Default value is
“NONE”: No filtering will be performed on the audio output. Useful when
using the Line Out as input for an external device.
“HIGH/LOW SHELF”: A High/Low Shelf Filter is applied to the audio output.
The Bass Frequency can be set to: 125Hz, 250Hz, or Disabled.
The Treble Frequency can be set to: 4KHz, 8KHz, or Disabled.
The Gain can be set to -12dB .. +12dB
On Spike 2 the Shelf Frequency and Gain can be set independently for the
Backbox and Cabinet speakers.
“10 BAND EQ”: A full 10 Band EQ is applied to the audio output.
Sliders are used to adjust the Gain of a specific range of frequencies.
The Frequencies are: 31Hz, 62Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz, 4KHz,
8KHz, 16KHz.
The Gain curve has a 60dB dynamic range across the -120 .. +120 Slider
On Spike2 the Gain can be set independently for the Backbox and Cabinet
Moved to OS V2.0.17