February 07



NEW CODE! Stern Pinball has posted Jurassic Park code v0.98.0 for the Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models.

This code contains the ultimate wizard mode, Escape Nublar! In addition to being the final wizard mode in the game, it will also be featured as a mini challenge game option without having to go into the service menu. To activate players will hold both flipper buttons during attract mode (with credits on the machine or free play enabled) and select “CHALLENGE”. The Escape Nublar Challenge mini game will have its own dedicated high score board. This code also contains bug fixes, enhancements and additional polish.

Pro – v0.98.0:

Premium – v0.98.0:

Limited Edition – v0.98.0:

V0.98.0 – February 6, 2020
– Escape Nublar – added this new wizard mode which is lit when you have played Visitor Center, Museum Mayhem, and Secure Control Room
– Escape Nublar Challenge – added this mini game
– To activate hold both flipper buttons during attract mode (with credits on machine or free play enabled)
– Select “CHALLENGE” with the flipper buttons and press start up to 4 players.
– Set adjustment 45 to YES to enable Escape Nublar Challenge on start button press always.
– The goal of Escape Nublar is to navigate back through the main gate to the helipad while
rescuing any remaining staff and dinosaurs before the volcano erupts.

– Rescue phase –
Rescue phase consists of collecting rescues by hitting the rescue shots.
Once all rescues achieved hit the trap targets to rescue the dinosaur from that paddock.
If the dinosaur was already captured earlier in the game then this phase is skipped.
Turning the truck during rescue phase rotates the locations of the rescues.

– Navigate phase –
Navigate phase requires you to try to find a safe exit from the paddock by shooting the red arrows.
If the path is blocked by lava then you must find another path.
When a safe path is found the left ramp will light up to advance to the next paddock.
Truck direction dictates which paddock you will navigate to.

– Truck convoy and fuel –
You convoy consists of 3 trucks. Drain the ball or run out of fuel then the truck and it’s rescues will be lost.
Once all 3 trucks are lost the game is over. Shoot raptor targets or pop bumpers or collect rescues to add fuel.
Advancing paddock completely refuels the truck.

– Path options –
Taking the path you already navigated on the way to the visitor’s will be the quickest escape
from the island but fewer scoring opportunities. (In Nublar Challenge this path is randomly selected for you)

– Sudden death –
If fuel level hits minimum then sudden death begins. All remaining rescues are lost and
you have 15 seconds to leave the paddock before it becomes engulfed and that truck is lost.

– Helipad hurry-up –
Navigating back through the main gate starts the Helipad Hurry-up. Hurry-up value based on
number of rescues, dinosaurs captured and number of paddocks cleared. Shoot Helipad to escape the island.

– High Scores –
Escape Nublar Challenge has it’s own dedicated high score board separate from the main game.
Play for a top 3 score or top 3 speed run time.

Tilt ends game!

– Escape Nublar Challenge and Escape Nublar – share the same game rules, however for challenge you are spotted 12 rescues and a default path to Visitor Center
– High Score Tables – added 2 new high score tables specific to Escape Nublar Challenge that track top 3 in points and fastest 3 times
– High Score Tables – Escape Nublar Champion only recognizes natural Escape Nublar scores
– Attract Mode – added video graphics screen for “Locating Pinballs Please Wait…”
– Super Tranquilizer – added restrictions to not be able to use at times when it doesn’t make sense, also adding inactive buffer around Control Room select, Auto Launch, and Smart Missile award select
– Super Tranquilizer – lamp effect for Action Button no longer flashes, button is lit green when available to use
– T-Rex Rampage – changed priority of Rampage award so collected value can be seen more easily with other stacked shots
– All Control Room Modes – changed priority of award screens so collected value can be seen more easily with other stacked shots
– All Control Room Modes – final shot now will display the time bonus awarded and the final shot award before fossil collection
– Raptor Locks – in a multiplayer game, when a ball is already locked in the Raptor Pen it is now easier to make progress through the ‘sets of target completion’ phase
– Callouts – rearranging and adding some new callouts throughout the game
– Mosquito in Amber Accessory Shooter Knob – no longer flashes when Amber / Amber Features are lit, now slowly pulses on / off
– Player Competition Mode – removed left flipper hold to start player competition mode, this can now be performed by holding both flippers and selecting Competition from the choices

– System – Updated to V2.43
– Updated to nodeboard firmware v0.56.0

– Adjustment Changes:
– added ‘NUBLAR CHALLENGE ON START PRESS’ defaults to FALSE, which will start STANDARD gameplay. When TRUE this will immediately start ESCAPE NUBLAR CHALLENGE instead of STANDARD gameplay.