February 07



NEW CODE! Stern Pinball has posted new Elvira code v0.90.0 for the Premium, Limited Edition, and Signature Edition models.

This code contains an updated Gappa Angry wizard mode, bug fixes, additional polish, and game enhancements.

Signature Edition – v0.90.0:

Limited Edition – v0.90.0:

Premium – v0.90.0:

V0.90.0 – Feb. 6, 2020

– Allow HAND OF FATE SPIN to run from the LEFT OUTLANE switch (when lit)
while all BALL SAVERS are active.
– BALL SAVE from HAND OF FATE is eaten if BALL SAVE is awarded when the
wheel is activated.
– The LEFT OUTLANE lamp was remaining ON after the HAND OF FATE wheel was
started (it should be turned OFF once the wheel comes up). This has
been corrected.
– When starting GAPPA ANGRY a second time, the FREAK FRYER feature will
not be started unless the player completes at least 1 level (i.e. locks
at least 1 ball).
– Points are now awarded for DIRECTOR’S CUT and the mode stops immediately.
– Locking a ball in the GARAGE with balls already locked would not wait for
the BALL LOCKED effect to finish before trying to kick. This has been
– Added a new mode for collecting all of the awards on the HAND OF FATE
– Runs until the RIGHT TARGET BANK is hit one time, or the JACKPOT is
collected. (This feature can run from ball to ball as long as none
of the right 3-bank targets are hit).
– A mini-wheel with MANOS is displayed in the lower right portion of the
display. This wheel always spins.
– The following point awards are available:
250K, 500K, 750K, 1M, 2M, 5M
– Hitting any target on the RIGHT TARGET BANK awards the points being
pointed to on the wheel.
– The points that are awarded from the wheel are added to a JACKPOT
that is lit after the first hit on the targets. The JACKPOT can be
collected on the LEFT OUTLANE (SPIN).
– Removed a color effect that turned player scores black when there was no
– Rework GAPPA ANGRY mode:
– New display effects, sound effects, light shows.
– Single ball mode.
– Build JACKPOT throughout.
– Stage 1: make the HOUSE RAMP, then lock a ball in the HOUSE LOCK.
– Stage 2: make the LEFT and RIGHT ramps, then lock a ball in the
– Stage 3: make the LEFT LOOP, the HOUSE RAMP, and the RIGHT LOOP,
then lock a ball in the CRYPT.
– Stage 4: make the LEFT RAMP, the HOUSE RAMP, the RIGHT RAMP, and
the CRYPT, then lock a ball in the TRUNK.
– Stage 5: make the LEFT LOOP, the LEFT RAMP, the HOUSE RAMP, the
RIGHT RAMP, and the RIGHT LOOP, then lock a ball in the GARAGE.
– Stage 6: lock a ball in the CELLAR.
– If draining after stage 1, POOL PARTY is started with the 1 ball
that was locked in the HOUSE LOCK.
– If draining after stage 2, DANCE FEVER is started with the 2 balls
that were locked in the HOUSE LOCK and the GARAGE.
– If draining after stage 3, MAKE-OUT MAYHEM is started with the 3
balls that were locked in the HOUSE LOCK, the GARAGE, and the CRYPT.
– If draining after stage 4, SCREAM TEST is started with the 4 balls
that were locked in the HOUSE LOCK, the GARAGE, the CRYPT, and the
– If draining after stage 5, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE is started with the 5
balls that were locked in the HOUSE LOCK, the GARAGE, the CRYPT, the
TRUNK, and the GARAGE.
– Completing all stages (6) starts GAPPA ANGRY MULTIBALL (6 balls).
– Added new mode: POOL PARTY
– Started from GAPPA ANGRY!
– Single ball mode.
– 20 bumper hits scores JACKPOT value from GAPPA ANGRY!
– Lasts until the end of the ball.
– Added new mode: DANCE FEVER
– Started from GAPPA ANGRY!
– 2-ball multiball.
– HOUSE RAMP (+ 2 gargoyles) and CRYPT (+ 2 gargoyles) lit for
– Added new mode: MAKE-OUT MAYHEM
– Started from GAPPA ANGRY!
– 3-ball multiball.
– LEFT RAMP, HOUSE RAMP, and CRYPT lit for JACKPOT value from
– Added new mode: SCREAM TEST
– Started from GAPPA ANGRY!
– 4-ball multiball.
– One shot (random) scores multiplied JACKPOT value from GAPPA
– Other 3 shots multiply the multiplier by 2.
– Shots go out at you shoot them and reset when the JACKPOT is
– Multiplier is reset to 1x when JACKPOT is scored.
– Added new mode: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE
– Started from GAPPA ANGRY!
– 5-ball multiball.
lit for JACKPOT value from GAPPA ANGRY!
– Last shot made cannot be made again until a different shot is
– Fixed an issue with showing the LOCKDOWN BUTTON light color for HSTD.
The button was showing green (instead of white) when initials could be
entered. It was also showing green (instead of black) during the
announce and award display effects when initials could not be entered.
– UN HAPPY HOUR start was not displaying the points for starting the mode
(shown as 00 sometimes). This has been corrected.
– Pause TRAILER TRASH hurry-up when the ball is in the shooter lane and
during choreography.
– Change TRAILER TRASH award so it is requested after multiball awards.
– Change TRALIER TRASH award so it is requested before house advance awards.
– Fixed the JUNK lights so they don’t blink when they can’t be collected.
– Keep the Haunt-O-Meter from being displayed before the background for
the mode it is used for.
– Add new music, sounds, video clips, and background clips.
– Reworked the kick sequence for the CELLAR RAMP so the lamp effects run
correctly (raise ramp, kickout warning effect, kick, in that order).
– Kill start display effects when an award for a mode/multiball is given.
– Rework GARAGE multiball start lamp effects. Mask most lamps at start of
GARAGE multiballs so JACKPOT lights are visible.
– Remove DIRECTOR’S CUT display/choreography. This display was breaking
up the HAUNT final shot/Elvira outro and didn’t flow well.
– Lowered FREAK FRYER increment number of switch hits from 50 to 25 (per
level), which should make getting to GAPPA ANGRY! slightly easier.
– Added new art and sounds for TRUNK MULTIBALL start.
– Fixed up ADD-A-ZOMBIE multiball super jackpot video clips and award
– Added lots of shaker motor effects.
– Shaker motor default set to MINIMAL.
– Garage lock difficulty set to MEDIUM for competition mode. This requires
the drop target to be hit each time to light a lock.
– Added ball save for CRYPT VUK (default is 2 seconds).
– Made some changes/fixes to the Haunt-O-Meter display for the SANTA CLAUS
– Added TILT video playback functionality for the SANTA CLAUS mode.
– Fixed an issue that was keeping the Japanese man from speaking at the
start of GAPPA ANGRY.
– Swapped the blink order for the UN HAPPY HOUR advance lamp effect so the
UN HAPPY HOUR light doesn’t stay off for so long.
– Fixed an issue where the TRAILER TRASH award was allowed to be canceled
with the flipper buttons when the ball was not being held in the house
– Masked off unused RGB arrows during HAUNT start lamp effect.
– Added intros to GARAGE multiballs (video clips + sounds & speech).
– Added user-accessible lag settings for the house diverter UP/DOWN
– Added Tom Kopera to the HSTD table. Moved Jerry up one spot. Made Dennis
the DRIVE ME CRAZY champion.
– Paused the HOUSE PARTY multiball ball save timer while HOUSE PARTY is
starting (i.e. start display/choreography is running).
– Increased the HOUSE PARTY auto-fire time from 15 to 20 seconds.
– Add gate logic to right loop awards.
– Removed unused TRAILER TRASH adjustments.
– Added an adjustment (default NO) that will carry over TRAILER TRASH from
ball to ball.
– Add HSTD for HOUSE PARTY. Fix recording of HSTD.
– Cleaned up HSTD. Removed unused display and adjustments. Reorganized
adjustments so HSTD adjustments appear.
– Added HSTD for HOUSE modes.
– Added Haunt-O-Meter support for the SANTA CLAUS mode.
– Added Chowdah Head (deadhead) to the Deadhead Family Crypt.
– Fixed hit speech (changed to FX) for Beach Head, Bone Head, and Jar Head.
– Reworked background lamp effect for THE WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON to show
terminating shots in dark blue.
– Reworked background lamp effect for MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE to show Debbie
shot in dark red.
– Added a sound for when the drop target is hit but the player has already
lit the locks.
– Add white flashers to CRYPT start effect. Remove house RGB from CRYPT
start lamp effect.
– Added TOP LANES completed display effect (alligator).
– Improved the load-time performance of the DOUBLE TROUBLE art.
– Added a lamp effect for the BACK DOOR SKILL SHOT.
– Reworked the lamp effect for BALL LOCKED.
– Added speech for BALL LOCKED.