January 23


1-22-2020 5-09-26 PM.jpg

Today an announcement was made that I am joining the newly announced Pinball Network Pinball Channel.  I am happy and thrilled to have been recruited by the team.  I will be part of the pinball correspondents team posting videos and media as I did on my Pinball Supernova YouTube site.  I will try to post news content here on my Pinball Supernova Blog site when information in the hobby is worth noting.

The team as of now is made up of :

Ken Cromwell
Zach Meny
Dennis Kriesel
Greg Bone
Jason Fowler
Jeff Teolis
Martin Robbins
Joshua Jacobs
and Myself (Lee Wielgolinski)

I am really looking forward to working and making great content with the team.

As many know, I closed down the Pinball Supernova site because of my negative thoughts and feelings going on in the hobby.  I really do enjoy playing pinball and meeting great people as I have during the six years of hosting my content.

Lately, I have felt that my content has not gotten exposure to a wide spread of people which really made me think about my audience.  I have heard from certain podcasters that keeping your audience intrigued and steering the ship of the sites is my problem, which I totally agree.  I never said that I blame anyone in particular because of my low numbers, it is partially my fault. Also I did not get into this hobby to win TWIPYS or have huge numbers, I started posting content because of my love for the hobby. My goal is being able to provide great content to the pinball public.  Lately I just have been soured about the hobby for other reasons and felt it was time to close down shop after six years.

After closing down Pinball Supernova, other podcasters followed suit.  I have to say on a stack of bibles, I did not know that something was in the works of the other channels and podcasts.  That is the truth.  After closing down Saturday, a couple people from The Pinball Network Channel reached out to me and asked if I would join the channel three days later after calling it quits.

I felt this was my chance to maybe get more viewers who could enjoy and appreciate the content I had to offer.  Also getting to work with many of the key faces in pinball was another chance that I may never get again.   I felt that working with these people would maybe change my mind and give me that appreciation and happiness I lost this last year for the hobby.  You are no longer a one man operation trying to provide all the content and competing with one another. The team can help executing ideas and arriving at the  same goal providing quality content.

Please accept my apology if anyone thinks the closing  down of my site and with the posting of my negative thoughts was done for the reason to join this new pinball entity.  It entirely was a coincidence.   I do feel that the comments I posted on my blog upon my leaving are still true,  but I think working with this group might change that and lead to bigger and better things.

Pinball is a hobby that should be fun and enjoyable.  We are not curing cancer or blasting rockets to the moon.  I hope that this new channel will provide new and exciting content to everyone who enjoys pinball.  Everyone should be happy that your podcasters and news – video content provider are not leaving the hobby.  As a group, we will be providing great pinball media under one roof,  a one stop shop for pinball.

Thanks again for the positive comments over the last few days.  I didn’t think my time away would be so short, but you never know where life can take you.  You need to jump at opportunities when they are given.   This is one that I feel positive about.


A collaborative effort to further the industry’s exposure and to increase the content for the hobbyists, such as ourselves. If you are a pinball media provider or would like to be, please reach out to us at thepinballnetwork@gmail.com or message us on Facebook! We are excited to grow with you and we support your desire to share your love of pinball. Let’s have fun in 2020! More details being announced soon.