January 18



Today I will be putting away my keyboard and video camera for the last time as the pinball hobby moves on.  Unfortunately I will not be posting daily pinball content on the Pinball Supernova social media sites going forward.  Thank you to everyone who has visited Pinball Supernova and the media channels throughout the six years of being online.  I have spent too much time providing content with not enough views or participation to make it worth my while sadly. To gain traction in the pinball hobby, you need to be welcomed into the clicks or groups that have exposure which unfortunately my pinball brand never obtained.  When Marco Specialties and Pinball Life gets nominated for a TWIPY award as pinball website of the year by the pinball community, the people have spoken and clearly my brand has no place in this hobby.

My feelings have changed for the hobby from when I initially created the entity of Pinball Supernova. Personally, I feel that pinball and the hobby are not exciting as they were when I first became a fan over 40 years ago.  Things have also changed from when I created my social media channels back in 2014. Bloated prices, negative attitudes & comments, ridiculous – self absorbed pinball personalities new & old , shabby craftsmanship from the top pinball companies are some of the issues pushing me out of the hobby and stopping me from posting new content unfortunately.  Shortly, I probably will be getting out of the hobby altogether and selling the majority of my collection.  I will post videos and links on this site when my games from the collection are available for sale.

Occasionally I may post a video or news article on the site, but posting will be very sparse if any at all.

I will keep the history of content active on the Pinball Supernova web site and media channels until the domain name and subscriptions expire.  If the site is not reinstated and I choose not to post new content, then the site will not be accessible.

The pinball hobby has allowed me to meet some great people along the way.  I have met some people who I now call my best friends.  This would have never been possible if it was not for the pinball hobby.

Enjoy the pinball hobby and support the other pinball sites that are currently online.

Thank you again to all the people who have supported the Pinball Supernova sites. See you around.


Pinball Supernova.