January 09


1-9-2020 6-48-07 PM

NEW CODE! Stern Pinball has posted new Stranger Things code v0.81.0 for the Pro models.

This code contains bug fixes, additional polish, and game enhancements.

Pro – v0.81.0:

Installation notice:
The code release is in ZIP format.
The code download will need to be unzipped before installing on a USB stick.

Update instructions:
Download the zip file.
Unzip the file; this will create a folder that contains file(s).
Open the folder, copy the file(s) to the root level of a USB stick. (Do not
copy the folder.)
Power the game off.
Insert the USB stick.
Turn the game on.
After the game boots up, there will be an option for software update.
The volume buttons change options for full or quick update. The enter button
selects the option and starts the update.
Once the update is completed, turn the game off and remove the USB stick.
Turn the game on and the game will be running the new code.

PRO V0.81.0 – January 8, 2019

– Added Game Pricing and Credits to the attract mode display effects.
– Added logic to force the screen ramp to the lowered position during a
Demogorgon Kill sequence.
– Fixed a bug where the player scores display overlay would temporarily
not be drawn.
– Now Telekinesis Multiball is disallowed from starting whenever a wizard mode
is ready to start, i.e. Total Isolation Multiball(s), Send it Back, Light the Fire
and Final Showdown.
– Added adjustments to change the power to the Left & Right Flipper.
– Reorganized the order of game adjustments.
– Renamed the lockdown bar button adjustments.
– Changed the criteria for when Upside Down HurryUp starts.
– Changed Chapter modes score contribution to bonus.
– Added lamp effects for hitting/killing a Demogorgon.
– Added shaker motor FX for killing a Demogorgon.
– Fixed Lure Dart award lightshows.
– Fixed a display glitch that appears on the first frame of the Follow the Compass
background display effect.
– Improved animation speed of Alphabet Wall letters.
– Fixed Monster Hunting Total text.
– Removed unused audits.
– Updated audit text for Trap’Em.
– Fixed a bug where the Follow the Compass and Lure Dart background display
effects stopped playing overlaid display effects.
– Updated Title Text on the Send it Back Intro display effect.

– Updated to node board firmware v0.55.0
– Added UTIL->VOL Adjustment “SELECT AUDIO FILTER”. Values are:
“NONE”, “HIGH/LOW SHELF”, and “10 BAND EQ”. Default value is “HIGH/LOW SHELF”.
“NONE”: No filtering will be performed on the audio output. Useful when using
the Line Out as input for an external device.
“HIGH/LOW SHELF”: A High/Low Shelf Filter is applied to the audio output.
The Bass Frequency can be set to: 125Hz, 250Hz, or Disabled.
The Treble Frequency can be set to: 4KHz, 8KHz, or Disabled.
The Gain can be set to -12dB .. +12dB
On Spike 2 the Shelf Frequency and Gain can be set independently for the
Back Box and Cabinet speakers.
“10 BAND EQ”: A full 10 Band EQ is applied to the audio output.
Sliders are used to adjust the Gain of a specific range of frequencies.
The Frequencies are: 31Hz, 62Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz, 4KHz, 8KHz, 16KHz.
The Gain curve has a 60dB dynamic range across the -120 .. +120 Slider settings.
On Spike2 the Gain can be set independently for the Back Box and Cabinet speakers.