December 24


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NEW CODE! Stern Pinball has posted new Elvira code v0.89.0 for the Premium, Limited Edition, and Signature Edition models.

This code contains bug fixes, additional polish, and game enhancements.

Signature Edition – v0.89.0:

Limited Edition – v0.89.0:

Premium – v0.89.0:

Update instructions:
Download the zip file.
Unzip the file; this will create a folder that contains file(s).
Open the folder, copy the file(s) to the root level of a USB stick.(Do not copy the folder.)
Power the game off.
Insert the USB stick.
Turn the game on.
After the game boots up, there will be an option for software update.
The volume buttons change options for full or quick update. The enter button selects the option and starts the update.
Once the update is completed, turn the game off and remove the USB stick.
Turn the game on and the game will be running the new code.

V0.89.0 – Dec. 23, 2019

– Improved loading times for Tilt Warning and Tilt graphics.
– Un Happy Hour and Drive Me Crazy mode timers are reset to 15 seconds
(adjustable) when a shot is made and the timer is below this amount.
The mode will be resurrected if the shot is made during the grace period.
– Removed the moving super jackpot for Wild Women Multiball. The super
jackpot will remain on the center (house) ramp.
– The display effect for completing Trailer Trash (center ramp shot) is
now requested as choreography (stacked behind other effects) so it will
show up after, say, making a jackpot on the center ramp during garage
and trunk multiball.
– Added lamp effects for Crypt 2 & 3 start.
– Cleaned up unused audits
– Record Trunk Lock awards (these were not being recorded).
– Record Hand Of Fate awards (these were not being recorded).
– Record number of Haunts started (so people don’t have to add up all of
the individual audits).
– Added Mummy (deadhead) to the Deadhead Family Crypt.
– Improved load time for the Drive Me Crazy background graphics.
– Added speech and lamp effects for Un Happy Hour
– Ignore House Ramp Opto during single ball play after arrival in the House
Lock in case of a rollback.
– Added tilt effects for the haunts. These are requested some percentage
of the time when the game is tilted when a haunt is running.
– Added HSTD for garage/trunk multiballs.
– Display the custom message every pass through the Attract Mode.
– Added Beach Head (deadhead) to the Deadhead Family Crypt.
– Fixed issues with the crypt motor, esp. when the interlock switch disables
the power to the node boards, which results in a loss of communication to
the boards.
– Put House Diverter UP at game over if HOUSE LIT AT GAME START adjustment
is set to YES, otherwise DOWN.