November 07


I recently installed a new mod into my Fun House pinball machine.  The mod which is called Fun House Motion Marquee is created by a pinball company named Arcade Upkeep.  The mod version showcased in this video is called the M3X Deluxe Board which is the more expensive model.

The mod animates the Fun House marquee with lighting which is located on the translite of the game.  The mod consists of a board with many LED’S that duplicates the Fun House logo.  The board is installed behind the translite which lights from behind to animate the Fun House logo in a variety of patterns.  The mod is also interactive with the game when performing certain shots on the playfield.  When certain shots are successful, the lighting illuminates causing the logo to light up and perform its magic.

The installing of the mod took about 30 mins to complete.  The board needs to be screwed into the wooden door that contains the LED’s that light up the back glass of the game.  Three wires are then plugged into the board, one going to J117 on the main board, the other going to a control panel which programs the mod, and the last wire going to six Q transistors.

The mod looks great and highly recommended.  The documentation and presentation of the mod is top notch.  The instructions and packaging shows much time was vested not only in the physical mod but in that area as well. Really nice to see. I believe for now there will be a limited run of the product so purchase now if you want to get the mod installed into your Fun House pinball machine. 

To order the Fun House Marquee Motion Mod, click the link which is located below :

Arcade Upkeep :

M3 Standard : $279.00

M3X Deluxe : $349.00