October 08



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== Legend ==

+ Addition * Change/bugfix – Note

== Version 01.25 October 7, 2019 ==

– NOTE: This is a “delta” upgrade, which can be installed over V01.06 &
V01.07 & V01.08 & V01.09 & V01.10 & V01.12 & V01.13 & V01.14.

=== Game Code
+ Added Wonka Bar Ransom mode at 200 bars
+ Added golden bonus levels at 300 & 400 Wonka bars
+ Added Golden Ticket difficulty adjustments for all tickets
+ Added speech in various places
* Small tweaks to Wonka’s Office rule & scoring
* Updated 3rd golden ticket choreo
* 2X Wonka Bars now will award 2 bars per spin on one time super spinner shots
* Increased scoring for Dots! Dots! Dots!, Slugworth Multiball
* Updated Wonkavator Multiball scoring
* Increased hurry up time for Violet and Augustus
* Updated motion detection attract mode logic
* Corrected a rare potential crash in Kid Multiball
* Fixed a bug where Computer Award Modes didn’t pause timers correctly
* Various other bug fixes and improvements
+ Updated game to handle a coin-op preset setup
– NOTE: The below changes apply *ONLY* when installing coin-op preset
(via the standard coin-op preset or the new operator shortcut)
– Easier Gobstopper Multiball
– Wonka Bars do NOT reset ever
– Scrumdidilyumptious is no longer a combo rule until its completed once
– Kid Multiball stays lit all the time even after drain
– All Factory Tour Modes start game 1 hit away from being qualified
– Super X Qualifying shots now include the center loop shot
– 1 Super Lock is lit at Game Start
– Computer Award Modes are added to computer sooner

=== Core Code
+ Updated top level menu with new operator setup shortcut
– NOTE: this setup changes the rules slightly for a casual pinball audience