October 01



Mod builders Lior from The Art of Pinball and Gouveia (WOZ winged monkey and red smoke witch mod creator) have teamed up to create a new mod coming soon for Jersey Jack’s Wizard of Oz.   Two great minds in the pinball mod business have produced a good looking mod and also providing a function that is needed in the game.

The mod lights up to the corresponding lane to what is lit on the top of the play field.  It is very hard to see what lane is lit when playing the game, this mod alleviates that issue by lighting the O for the left lane and Z for the right lane.

The mod has the letters OZ represented in a clear material which allows the light to illuminate each letter.  The two letters of the mod are displayed on top of a garden of poppies that are extremely detailed in color and design.  This mod is a must have for anyone owning a Wizard of Oz pinball machine.

Listed below is a blurb from Lior, one of the creators of the mod :

I just got a Wizard of Oz pinball machine and my great friend Steve mentioned to me that I  have something for you! Steve sent me a sketch that looked like a mod. The sketch looked great and I really liked the idea.  We decided to create the mod together. Designing the mod took me a few designs until we agreed on the one we really liked. The mod is hand painted with a lot of detail. I’m very happy with the results and I think it’s a game changer. Playing the game with the mod makes the pinball machine even more fun to play.

The main problem was making it work on any JJP WOZ version because of the light board. Not every Woz has the same light board version installed. Thanks to Stephen Zamonski from JJP with helping me find the solution and also giving me all the hardware part numbers that i needed.

I can talk about the process and the design for a long time but i will just say enjoy our first creation together. And probably not our last!

The mod works with any version of the machine and with either light board (5V or 7.5V). It comes with new circuitry that works with both, so if you update your light board to 2.0 it will still work.

The mod is really easy to install and comes with everything you need. Completely plug and play.

The mod is limited to 400 pieces only!

Price is 189$ plus shipping (Europe and US is $19.00 / Australia is $29.00).

To get on the Wizard of Oz mod purchase list, click the link below :