September 11



NEW CODE! Stern Pinball has posted Jurassic Park code v0.88.0 for the Pro model.

This code contains bug fixes, enhancements and additional polish.

Pro – v0.88.0:

This update and read me files can also be found on our website in the game code library.

Update instructions:
1 – Download the zip file
2 – Unzip the file, this will create a folder that contains two files
3 – Open folder, copy only the file(s) to the root level of a USB stick. Do
not copy the folder.
4 – Power game off
5 – Insert USB stick
6 – Turn on game
7 – After game boots up it will give the option for software update
8 – Volume buttons change options for full or quick update. Enter selects the
option and starts the update.
9 – Once update is completed game will prompt user to power game off and
remove USB stick.

V0.88.0 – September 11, 2019
– Bonus – timing for each category during the bonus countup is now at a fixed cadence
– Score Frame – adding ‘Player X You’re Up’ text before ball is plunged
– Score Frame – updated score frame icons to new graphic style
– Raptor Tower – added sound effect when you combo a loop into the raptor tower
– Supply Drop / Super Supply Drop – display text now explains playfield X awards that are being given
– Super Supply Drop – now lights 2x playfield insert the same as the normal supply drop
– Raptor Locks – fixed an issue where raptor ‘x gate hits left’ video wouldn’t end causing up post to stay up occasionally
– T-Rex Event Ready – light show with ramp flasher and left halfpipe spotlight is a quicker pulse
– All Modes – allow both flipper skip of all mode intros that hold the ball
– Feed T-Rex Hurry Up – floor of the award is set to 500K, min value is 20% of initial value
– Feed T-Rex Hurry Up – should not take time / value away when the ball is being returned to the player on the wireform (only happens when ‘T-REX – SPELLOUT STARTS HURRYUP’ set to NO)
– T-Rex Encounter – mode awards shows more details about multiplied values and where to shoot next
– T-Rex Rampage – changed base T-Rex award from 2M to 10M
– T-Rex Rampage – changed T-Rex award boost from 1M to 5M
– T-Rex Rampage – add scoring to 2X/3X shots of 500K
– System Boot – fixed an issue where the left loop wasn’t lighting up to indicate a combo shot correctly
– King of the Island – allow start if the left ramp skill shot is no longer eligible, previously was not allowing until all skill shots were inactive
– King of the Island – T-Rex Event Ready no longer takes priority over King of the Island lit at the Left Ramp
– King of the Island – added current jackpot value and instructional text to display effect background
– King of the Island – fixing an issue where the jackpot value would be incremented too much for spinner, pop, and sling hits
– Super Spinner – fixed an issue with popup showing ‘SUPER SPINNER 3X’ when award is actually ‘SUPER SPINNER 2X’
– Super Combos – fixed an issue where multiplier wasn’t being applied properly
– Paddock Map – ‘interactive CD-ROM’ paddock intro can now be skipped by pressing both flippers
– Paddock Map – adding ‘Set Trap’ scoring (250K x number of paddocks), was always zero before
– Paddock Map – adding text to ‘Helicopter Dispatched’ award, scoring increased from 200K to (500K x number of paddocks)
– Paddock Map – added speech and lamp effect when dino insert lands on a shot with a rescue insert lit indicating staff member is in danger
– Paddock Map – fixed an issue with spinner perk text showing ‘+1X SUPER SPINNER’ when award is actually ‘+2X SUPER SPINNER’
– Paddock Map – ‘Dino Slowed’ display effect instructional and scoring text added
– Extra Ball – changed extra ball consolation score from 10M to 15M and value is displayed on screen
– Action Button – fixed an issue where the action button would light up when any balls were kicked into the shooter lane
– Speech – added and replaced some callouts
– Diagnostics – fixed an issue where the shooter lane switch / auto launch would make sounds while in switch test
– Audits – fixed ‘ESCAPE SAVES’ which was reporting 0
– Audits – fixed ‘2X PLAYFIELD LIT’ which was reporting 0
– Audits – fixed ‘2X PLAYFIELD STARTED’ which was reporting 0

– Adjustment Changes:
– added adjustment ‘START GAME FROM LOCKDOWN BUTTON’, defaults to YES, competition defaults to NO, turn to NO to turn off starting games from lockdown button
– added adjustment ‘T-REX THROW BALL ENABLED’, defaults to YES, turn to NO to prevent T-Rex from throwing balls, will always drop to the wireform
– added adjustment ‘FIRST PADDOCK TUTORIAL’ – defaults to NO, set to YES to show tutorial video for first paddock, otherwise it shows “interactive CD-ROM” paddock intro
– added adjustment ‘ESCAPE DIFFICULTY’ – defaults to MEDIUM, competition defaults to HARD. EASY – Escape is active beginning of each ball, MEDIUM – Escape is active at beginning of first ball, HARD – Escape is only active by hitting the lit standup target

– System – Updated to V2.34
– Updated to nodeboard firmware v0.51.0

– Using LEFT+START to end a game during bonus count could leave game graphics
on screen while in attract mode. This has been corrected.