August 30


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I had the pleasure to take a look at the new 3d hologram topper created by Lighted Pinball Mods.  The topper allows you to install photos and videos on a micro SD card to view through the hardware.  The topper actually projects the images which gives the illusion of a hologram above your pinball machine.

The topper mounts to the back box of your pinball machine with the custom built mount created by Lighted Pinball Mods.  The installation consists of the mounting bracket, sensor , power board, and power supply.  Once the topper is put together with the plexi glass mount, wood base, and three screws, the fan mounts to the top with a bracket provided with the kit.  The installation could not be easier.

I mounted my hardware into the back box of a Stern Star Wars pinball machine. The topper turns on and off with the sensor provided. The sensor interacts with the light source from the Spike II system lighting in the back box which enables the topper to power on and off.

The image quality looks great once everything is installed and powered on.  You can install images according to the theme of the pinball machine that you attach the topper to.  You can create your own images and videos or unlock the websites that Lighted Pinball Mods have created.

This product especially in its infancy looks great.  I am looking forward to the videos that will possibly be shared by the community and the videos that will be posted which can be unlocked with a fee.

Lighted Pinball Mods is also making a wall mount option of the hardware so you can display your images without a pinball machine.  This will be a futuristic approach to showing photographs in your home.

I highly recommend the 3d hologram kit for your pinball machine or wall.

Pricing :
Pinball Topper : $249.99
Wall Art : $199.99

Lighted Pinball Mods Website :

How to download and concert videos:

Lighted Pinball Mods Installation Video :



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