July 24



The new Dialed In! code V1.71 is now ready for download! This is a “delta” upgrade, which must be installed over V1.60 or V1.61.

Download Code 1.71 Below :

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Change Log :


+ Addition * Change/bugfix – Note

== Version 1.71 July 16, 2019 ==

– NOTE: This is a “delta” upgrade, which must be installed over V1.60 or V1.61

=== Game Code

* added updated operator manual
* various bug fixes and improvements
* improved hstd choreo
* updated chaos in quantum city rule and choreo
* shortened length of disaster mode summary upon draining
* updated eruption disaster mode to advance to next stage if hurry up ends
* upper right flipper now flips during ball search
+ added lottery frenzy scratch compensation when camera is broken/disabled
+ added big kick sneak in rule
+ added jackpot value to under attack multiball jackpots graphics
+ added motion detection attract mode phone pop ups
+ added choreo for completing emoji attack
+ added skill shot made lamp effects
+ added quantum theater multiball progress for not completed tasks on graphic
+ competition mode updates
+ big bang
+ no longer awards big bang points when used during a disaster mode
+ awards half of the mode completion bonus
+ super jackpots for under attack multiball now honor competition mode
+ inlane hurry up rule is no longer lit at game start