June 30


Recently I attended the Pintastic 2019 pinball show located in Sturbridge MA.  Gabe, the organizer of the show does a fantastic job giving the people what they want to have a great time.  Things at the show consists of pinball games, clowns, face painters, console gaming, tournaments, late night parties, pinball speakers, and game playing almost all night.   The show to me is about hanging out with my friends, meeting and talking with many people in the pinball hobby,  and conversing with the vendors and seeing what new products are available.

Gabe the organizer of the show listens to people’s feedback and executes what needs to be done to make the show more fun and easier to navigate yearly.  Next year the event is changing venues which is going to be a bit farther drive for my friends and I.  The show again had the VIP playing room with many clean games.  The VIP area contained many of Gabe’s personal games which are immaculate and well playing.

Many of the well known vendors were at the show this year.  Coin Taker, Automated Pinball Sales, Lighted Pinball Mods, and Jersey Jack.  It’s great to walk around and talk with many of the vendors who many are my friends.  It’s also great meeting up with old and new friends at the show. Coin Taker and Automated brought many of the new titles to be sold including Willy Wonka, Black Knight, and Oktoberfest. CoinTaker also had a great display which highlighted the Oktoberfest theme which was the main game at their booth.  Melissa and staff served beer to the guests who stopped by the CoinTaker booth at the show. Very nice touch from the crew at CoinTaker who are always great to talk with and buy products from.  Lighted Pinball Mods also created an awesome hologram topper – wall mount which projects images and videos from a projector.  The mod looks great and I think it will sell very well.

The Game Room area had many varieties of games to be played.  From EM’s to the modern Stern and Williams, everyone seemed to be having a great time.  Some one offs were also available to be played including a home brew called Metroid.  Thanks to everyone for bringing their games to all the pinball shows.  Without you, shows like this would not exist.

I had a great time at Pintastic 2019. Thanks to Gabe, his staff, and also everyone who brought machines from their personal collection to the show.  I had a fantastic time and looking forward to next year.