June 11

PODCAST UPDATE : BRO DO YOU EVEN TALK PINBALL : EPISODE 39: Elvira, Catwoman, Pin Duos and Top Ten 90s Pins

bro do you even talk pinball logo 1

Thanks to Kevin and Nick for the shout out at 27:00 on the podcast.  Really appreciate the shout out and the support of the Pinball Supernova sites.  Much appreciated.

Download Podcast Episode Below :

-Batman 66 Catwoman
-Munsters Premium Color
-Wonka Update
-Elvira in October
-Cosmic Carnival
-IFPA World Championships
-Ohio PinBrewFest
-Deeproot Update
-Pinball Secrets
-Pinball Supernova
-Buffalo Updates: Pin Duos, Summer Camp, CBW
-Game Room Updates
-Top Ten 90s Pins

YouTube Video :