May 29



Stern Pinball has posted Black Knight code v0.94.0 for the Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models.

This code contains bug fixes, enhancements and additional polish.

Pro – v0.94.0: 
Premium – v0.94.0: 
Limited Edition – v0.94.0: 
Additional details can be found in the read me file. 


Update instructions:
1 – Download the spkfile
2 – Copy only the file(s) to the root level of a USB stick. Do
not copy the folder.
3 – Power game off
4 – Insert USB stick
5 – Turn on game
6 – After game boots up it will give the option for software update
7 – Volume buttons change options for full or quick update. Enter selects the
option and starts the update.
8 – Once update is completed game will prompt user to power game off and
remove USB stick.

LE/Premium V0.94 – May 29, 2019
– “INVALID” could sometimes show as a tease award during mystery but could not
be awarded. This has been corrected so “INVALID” will never show.
– Fixed an issue where sometimes the ball search would not raise the shield
for long enough to free a ball trapped behind it.
– Mystery Award: Light Ball Save now actually lights ball save instead of
advancing the ball save.
– Fixed an issue that would set shot values to 0 points during grace period.
– Fixed an issue where the wrong color would show progress on Black
Knight bashes later in the game.
– Fixed an issue which caused some display effects not to play from the
beginning on a jackpot shot or mode award.
– Fix an issue where orbit shots were not awarded while the ball was launching
on Premium/LE games.
– Fixed an issue where modes would be randomized at ball start, even if the
realm was locked in.
– Award the jackpot shot in Triple Knight’s Challenge on either the drop
target or the castle VUK.
– Fixed an issue that could cause the ball to sit in the Castle VUK if the
VUK shot was the final shot in a mode and it would also start Retro Multiball.

– Modified the rules for Catapult Multiball:
– Changed the rules for catapult multiball so that every lower playfield shot
always stays lit during the multiball for a jackpot. All jackpots build
value of super jackpot on the upper playfield.
– Added double, triple, and quadruple super jackpots to catapult multiball
with appropriate lights and speech calls.
– Adjusted scoring.
– Enhanced the upper playfield loop base scoring.
– Added bi-directional stacking to Catapult and Triple Knight’s Challenge
Multiball. Either multiball can be started and stacked with the other.
– Added warning lights to upper playfield lock release.
– Made relighting locks for the 2nd Catapult Multiball easier.
– Added the upper flipper to ball search when ball search occurs outside
of gameplay.
– Changed catapult multiball default color to orange.
– Pause the game timers while certain display effects are running.
– Exclude shoot again light from knight bashed and realm ready light shows
– Changed the skill shot behavior so the shield is not repeatedly activated
during skill shot.
– Changed default Modes complete for Extra Ball to 1.
– Changed Mystery and Triple Knights Multiball locks so mode lights are not
hidden while a multiball is running.
– Super Features now light more frequently.
– Increased the duration of the magna-save hold.
– Modified the rules for Deep Freeze
– Red shots collect all red shots on the playfield with a bonus added for
each shot that it lit.
– Added scoring increases for all Cyan shots.
– Added scoring increses for non-seal shots in Hydra mode.
– Added adjustments for default ball save time for all multiballs.
– Changed default times for multiball ball savers.
– Add time now adds 3 seconds on a hit to any target to start the timer and
12 seconds on a completion of the Add Time target bank.
– Lowered base scoring for spinners.

– Modified the behavior of the 5 main modes.
– Modes now continue from ball to ball if a player drained while the mode
was running.
– Modes continue with the time the player had left when they drained.
– If a player drained with little time left, modes continue with a minimum
of 12 seconds.
– Modes are only marked as completed if a player beats the modes. Modes that
are started but not completed can be restarted from where a player left off.
– All 5 modes must be completed (not just started) to play Black Castle
– Added additional shooter groove tunes for all modes.
– Upper playfield loops now boosts the scoring of the running mode.
– Upper playfield loop target now spots a shot during running modes.
– Added flail behaviors to Catapult Multiball.
– Added grace period to all multiballs. Catapult and TKC Multiball can restart
each other from grace. Add-a-ball can restart all running multiballs.
– Added Glowy font treatment to retro multiball score font.
– Added light shows for:
– Ball Save
– Add-a-ball Lit
– Add-a-ball Awarded
– Game Over
– Knight 1 Locked
– Knight 2 Locked
– Added shaker effects for:
– Bonus
– Ball Save
– Mystery
– Added Magna-Save bonus scoring and displays.
– Added Loop Bonus to bonus screen.
– Competition mode sets the starting mode to SAND WORM for all players at
first ball.
– Added attract mode game tutorial videos.
Moved to System 2.28:
Updated to nodeboard firmware v0.48.0

Coin door interlock switch support for Spike2.