May 17


Williams Pinball Volume 4 joins Zen Studios’ Pinball FX3 lineup and the Williams Pinball mobile app on Tuesday, May 28! This stunning collection of three authentic Williams™ tables includes WHITE WATER™, RED AND TED’S ROAD SHOW™, and HURRICANE™. All available to play both in their classic original form and as remastered tables with updated graphics, animated toys, and a host of new features.

WHITE WATER That’s paddling, partner! Navigate down the river on this Williams™ classic! Ride the Spine Chiller down Insanity Falls, returning via the Boomerang Bend, and passing through Big Foot’s Cave. Just go with the flow! • RUN THE RIVER! Navigate down the river by shooting for Flashing Hazards: Insanity Falls, Big Foot Bluff, Boomerang Bend, Disaster Drop, No Way Out, Spine Chiller, and Boulder Garden. • BIG FOOT HOT FOOT! Complete the two Big Foot Hot Foot targets 4 times to distract him and open the way to the Big Foot Cave for Big Foot Jackpot! • MULTI MULTI-BALL! From the 2-ball Multi-Ball Gold Rush, 3-ball White Water Multi-Ball, to the Whirlpool Challenge 2-ball Multi-Ball, White Water is a ball is a ball is a ball… RED AND TED’S ROAD SHOW It’s a big country… Someone’s gotta tear it up! Wreck roads across the U.S. from sea to shining sea with Red and Ted’s Road Show™. Make it to California, and visit up to 18 great American cities! • Not one but TWO talking heads! With real hair and eyelashes, Red and Ted are the second generation of Williams’ successful PinMation™ concept. • Travel west to California as you look for fun and find trouble in 18 different cities! Crush cabs in New York, party at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and meet monsters in San Francisco, to name a few. • Four flippers and two plungers – the latter for a skill shot that sends a ball flying toward Ted’s hard hat. • Explosions with enough power to shake the game and rattle you. • Open and uncluttered layout. Enjoyable and easy kinetic flow from ramp to ramp. • Country singer Carlene Carter is the voice of Red. She sings her hit “”Every Little Thing”” during multiball. HURRICANE Hurricane™ is blowing into town! Everyone wants to play at the park, and kids of all ages are already standing in line to ride the amazing carnival ride called the Hurricane. Williams’™ classic table dazzles the crowd from pie-in-the-face antics and scoring hoopla to the revolving backglass wheel – the thrills and chills of a real amusement park are right here! • PALACE! Spotting all P-A-L-A-C-E letters lights the jolly old Juggler for Jackpot! • UNLIMITED MILLIONS! Streaking on the Comet can score Unlimited Millions, and Dunking the Dummy makes a big splash by advancing the Bonus Multiplier. • MYSTERY SCORE! Hitting the Cat Targets lights the Juggler for a Mystery Score on the backglass wheel. • CLOWN TIME! Lighting all 6 parts of the Clown Face and riding the Hurricane starts Clown Time for increased scoring to the max!