May 15



9109b011367bd217f0f6281303626497c6242558.jpgNEW CODE! Stern Pinball has posted The Munsters code version 1.00.0 for the Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models.

This code contains bug fixes, enhancements and additional polish.

Pro – v1.00.0:

Premium – v1.00.0

Limited Edition – v1.00.0

This update and read me files can also be found on our website in the game code library.

Update instructions:
1 – Download the zip file
2 – Unzip the file, this will create a folder that contains SPK file(s).
3 – Open folder, copy only the file(s) to the root level of a USB stick. Do
not copy the folder.
4 – Power game off
5 – Insert USB stick
6 – Turn on game
7 – After game boots up it will give the option for software update
8 – Volume buttons change options for full or quick update. Enter selects the
option and starts the update.
9 – Once update is completed game will prompt user to power game off and
remove USB stick.
Online PDF of adjustments and installs:
LE/PREMIUM V1.00 – May 15, 2019
– The HOW-TO attract videos will now not play if turned off from the standard
– The lower timer will no longer time down after Mystery awards Start Spot,
Start Enlarging Ray, or Start Raven.
– Fixed some speech timings.
– Skill shot timer was lasting after Grandpa Multiball started.
– Removed right spinner from list of switches that need to be fixed.
– Fixed Munster Madness level II timer issues.

– Added lower playfield ball popper lamp effect when the ball is popping out
– Added Topper lamp effects
– Added Team Credits Easter egg: 1 2 3. To see it you Hold in Both flippers,
then you enter numbers with the left flipper and enter on with the right.
Finally, when you are done you have to enter one last time with the right
flipper. So 1 2 3 would be B LR LLR LLLR R
– Added Topper clock effect to Raven Multiball Jackpots

– Changed the Marilyn award to LIGHT MARILYN SUPER JACKPOT and START SUPER
POPS at 2 and then every 2 thereafter.
– Added a guaranteed ball save time to Raven Multiball.
– Pressing the top button to start a game when there are no credits will no
longer make a sound as the button is released.
– Starting a game with zero credits will now only make a sound 3 times before
the game will wait an hour before it will make sounds again.

Moved to SYS 2.27:
– Updated to nodeboard firmware v0.40.0
– Updated instructions for RESTORE SETTINGS.
– Reordered items in UTIL->VOL, moved CABINET SPEAKER TYPE to be after BACKBOX
– Added UTIL->RESET->VOL which will reset all audio settings to their default