May 09

NEWS : Matt Hardy’s Expedition of Gold Pinball Machine – Interviews with Reby Hardy and Brian Soares

This Week in Pinball has a great write-up of the re-themed Stern Mustang turned into a Matt Hardy Expedition of Gold pinball machine.  Matt Hardy is a professional wrestler who had a pinball machine themed after his wrestlers likeness.

This Week in Pinball has tons of photos and also the interviews with the key players who made the pinball machine a reality.

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This Week In Pinball

Two “Wrestle” Rectangular Stand-Up Targets

Illusion Purple Powder Coated Legs with LED Leg Light-Ups

Hologram Topper

Check out the Topper in action below!

Embedded video



Check out some of “Matt Hardy’s Expedition of Gold” game toppers..


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Plus Custom DMD Graphics, Mode Selectable Entrance Music – All of Matt Hardy’s Theme Songs, Actual Match Sounds, “Bonus Bowl” Captive Ball Feature, 103 Custom Playfield Icon Inserts Featuring Controlled LEDs, Matt Hardy “Matt Facts”, and More!

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  • Advance Through the Challenges to Make it to WRESTLEMANIA, a No Holds Barred Battle to Become WOKEN

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