May 04


Pinfest 2019 Title

Pinfest 2019 has come and gone once again.  Another great show and with some great games to be played.  Only two new titles were released and present at the show this year (Willy Wonka and Stern’s Black Knight). Thanks to the great pinball distributors for bringing the new games and allowing them to be played.

This year, many people attended the show.  The line to get in wrapped around the parking lot like a serpent.  It seemed like more people were attending the show than past years either because the crowd was larger and more people are getting into the hobby or because the facility only had one ticket booth open compared to prior years that had two taking your $20 cash only at the door.  Maybe in upcoming years the organizers may want to take pre-sales on the Internet for ticket purchasing to the show for speedier lines when the doors open.

Shows are meant to meet up with some of your friends that you have not seen in a while.  Meeting up, talking, conversing and talking with new people is what makes this hobby continue.  That is one great part about being in the pinball hobby for me.

Hundreds of games were on the floor to be played.  Many of the games were in nice shape.  Distributors and vendors such as Lermods, PinGraffix, Tilt Graphics, Pinball Star, Coin Taker, Marco Specialties, Pinball Refinery, Pinnovators, and Lighted Pinball Mods were all at the show selling products.

Thanks to everyone who brought a machine to the show.  Without you, shows like this would not exist.  Thanks also to Ivan and all the volunteers who dedicate time every year to make this show happen.  Can’t wait until next year.

One thing that is not a highlight of the show is either Ivan or the security guards who scream in your face to get out at 9:00 pm when the lights and power turn off from inside the facility.  I understand the people who organize the show want to go home, but I find that type of tactic to be tasteless and just classless.