May 02



NEW CODE! Stern Pinball has posted Black Knight code v0.93.0 for the Pro model.

This code contains bug fixes, enhancements and additional polish.

Pro Code v0.93.0:

Additional details can be found in the read me file.

This update and read me files can also be found on our website in the game code library.

PRO V0.93 – May 2, 2019
– Fixed an issue which sometimes caused balls to become trapped behind the
shield on weak shots.
– Fixed an issue that could cause top lanes to appear lit for skill shot
when they shouldn’t have been.
– Removed top and bottom lanes from award light shows.
– Fixed an issue that prevented 2.5m from being scored as a possible award
and sometimes skipping mystery as a result.
– Fixed an issue where Mystery would show Light Super and Start a super
– Fixed an issue where multiple flail impact sounds could play.
– Fixed an issue which caused the shield diverter duty-cycle to
expire when it shouldn’t have.
– Fixed an issue where some display effects would stop on the tilt display

– Boosted the amount of sword power earned from drop target hits, bank
completions, and center shot hits.
– Added multiple scoreboxes to each Skeleton during a Pop Bumper session.
– Modified Wicked Cavern mode so it will never have only 1 shot lit on the
center target.
– Change the Ball 1 Locked and Ball 2 Locked videos so that they show as
full screen display effects.
– Modified the presentation order of effects on the Shield VUK. Mode Start
will always be the last display effect shown.
– Updated the light show for End of Ball Bonus.
– Added the Flame Panel to attract light show.
– Revised attract light show to make them more smooth.
– Default number of modes for extra ball updated to 2.
– Modified spinner display effect to use full-length scores instead of abbreviated.
– Speech, FX, and Music volumes and tweaks.
– Score balancing.
– Tweaked the order of some speech calls.
– Default lower flipper power set to Hard.
– Verified consistency in fonts to display scores.

– Added additional high score entries.
– Combo Champion
– KNIGHT Champion
– Black Castle Champion
– WAR Champion
– Bonus Champion
– Triple Knight’s Challenge Champion
– Molten Fire Champion
– Deep Freeze Champion
– Mud Bog Champion
– Wicked Cavern Champion
– Burning Sands Champion
– Super Champion
– Added sounds to sound test.
– Updated the UI to show the following information:
– Lightning Effect while POWER modifier is active during a mode.
– Pulsing background glow to running super feature icons.
– Values for Super Orbits, Super Lanes, Super Slings, and Super Targets.
– Super Feature Collect Jackpot value.
– Add game adjustment for Shield Diverter power.
– Add game adjustment for Trough power.
– Added 5 difficulty settings for KNIGHT letters. Install competition defaults to
Extra Hard (0 Letters spotted)
– Updates to Flail Motor:
– Enabled STALL TIMEOUT mechanism.
– Motor can detect stalls caused by a stuck ball.
– Enhanced flail motor opto detection/compensation
– Added start effects for Black Knight Original Multiball.
– Added light effect for Combos on the orbit shots.
– Added additional Black Knight Taunts throughout the game.
– Competition mode now makes the order of mystery effects deterministic.
– Added display effects for Magna Save Available and Ball Save Lit.

Moved to System 2.27:
Updated to nodeboard firmware v0.40.0

Updated instructions for RESTORE SETTINGS.

Reordered items in UTIL->VOL, moved CABINET SPEAKER TYPE to be after

Added UTIL->RESET->VOL which will reset all audio settings to their
default values.

Append (MAX) to the credit message if the number of credits equals
the CREDIT LIMIT adjustment.