April 20



Jim (Apple Juice) from Pinside has created an update to Revenge From Mars.  Apple Juice is calling it RFM 2.10.  He changed and added some things to the game which makes it a bit more enjoyable for a 20 year old game.  In this video I am showing how to install the update to a Pinbox system.  This upgrade process should apply to both Nucore and Pinbox since they both run on the same type of system.

The upgrade file can be downloaded from


Instructions for Install of RFM 2.10 :

Notes for updating pinbox systems (I will update these notes and add to my site as time allows. Please read carefully)

On a computer of your choice extract the files within the update exe (This is a basic zip file)

There are 6 files:

Copy the files to a spare usb drive

On your rfm pinbox computer, Navigate to folder /root/pinbox/update/rfm_15/ (either by logging into lxdm, or from command line, or using ssh/sftp etc)

Delete or move ALL the existing files within this folder

Copy the new files to this folder. Only the files, no additional folders.

Make sure the update.bin file from the original installation of pinbox is deleted/moved. This will be recreated from the new update files

Move/delete rfm_15.nvram* files from /root/pinbox/roms/savedata/ These files store the settings and high score data but may stop the update if not deleted/moved first.

Reboot the rfm computer

Enjoy v2.10 game code on pinbox

Change Log :
V 2.10

Game Changes
Quick-Shot – Feature lamp effects improved for active hurry up
Quick-Shot – Added timer pausing for when ball enters/exits jets and upper lanes
Quick-Shot – Added timer pausing for when ball enters exits stroke of luck
Quick-Shot – fixed bug where some scenes background graphics were lost after hurry up ended (achieved or not)
Quick-Shot – Added speech for start and shot success
Quick-Shot- Added shaker effects for shot success
Question Mark – Percentage of mode selection updated. Autopsy now most likely mode
Question Mark – Martian Aerobics, renamed Martian Invaders
Capture Multiball – Added sneaky lock acknowledgement (lock from rear when lit avoiding diverter)
Capture Multiball – Added speech for ball locks
Capture Multiball – Added option for add_a_ball
Capture Multiball – Added add a ball display effect/ graphics
Bottom Lanes – added add a ball logic in conjunction with stroke of luck during multi ball play
Stroke of Luck – added add a ball logic during multi ball play (main, martian, bonus etc)
Circle Shots – Missiles are now only collected/fired when there is an unlit missile circle insert on the playfield
Circle Shots – Completing a set (4) missile shots now ups the bonus multiplier by 1 each time (on that ball)
Attract – updated lamp patterns to fix missing saucer rim 9 lamp on main pattern strobe
Attract – updated lamp patterns on searchlight pattern to fix some missing lamps and some in wrong section
Skill Shot – Fixed Super Skill Shot activation which was broken
Outlane – Improved sound and speech calls logic
Bonus Wave – Changed balls in play start to 2
Bonus Wave – Added option for add_a_ball
Mothership – Changed balls in play start to 3
System – Added shaker hardware control
System – Added knocker hardware control
System – Added adjustments for shaker installed
System – Added Adjustments for knocker installed
Quick-Shot – Added extra sound for mode start
Hypno Beam – Fixed a bug where the new champion score would not be recorded
Hypno Beam – Reworked (lowered) the shot levels now there is a champion score to make destroying multiple beams more interesting and worthwhile
Hypno Beam – Adjusted extra ball award for destroyed beams to 4
Bonus Wave – Disabled add a ball when entering sudden death (1 ball in play)
Capture Multiball -Added shaker effects for super jackpot and regular jackpots
Martian Multiball – Added shaker effects for hitting and destroying large martian
Drive in Demolition – Added shaker effects for nuke
Drive in Demolition – Removed the mode start points (2 mil) seeing as its now startable from game start
Tower Struggle – Added shaker effects for tower collapse
Secret Weapon – Added shaker effects to end scene, upper cut and mothership explode
Alien Abduction – Added shaker effects to ramp shots and destroying centre saucer
Martian Happy Hour – Added shaker effects to martian kills
Big O Beam – Added shaker effects to barn hits
Paris in Peril – Added shaker effects to martian kills and catapult hits
Mars Needs Women – Added shaker effects to console destroy and glass crack
Payback Time – Roughed in first pass of this mode – enabled at sol after main multi ball and martian multi ball completed
Secret Weapon – Fixed a bug with the update of martian rejuvenation on the energy bar graphics

XINA 1.31 Update
Reverted to 3 characters for high scores. Some game specifics are hard coded for 3
Added real knocker option instead of simulated sounds when enabled