April 02


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2/APR/2019 V1.0.6.19
General – left ramp no longer controls how the frank lock works
General – lower lane light logic wasn’t updating properly
General – Frenzy mode indicator added to all modes when in frenzy
General – Super skillshot animation was being overridden by room travel transition
General – mystery “get to left scoop” quote was being activated while in a monster mode when it shouldnt be
General – speaker light kit integration
General – match boost option added
General – Extra ball collected animation added
General – Female 1st player start character added
General – Lower magnet patterns added to help grab ball sooner after release
General – Frank + Crypt mode end could cause flippers to drop
Frank – lock stays closed on mode end, but reopens on any lower playfield switch hit
Frank – multi ball save added back in on mode start
Frank – Releasing from lock on match would add points to player one
BDB – Wizard mode added
Igor – Main loop animation updated
Igor – Mode lights were not updating properly
Igor – Mode objective light stays on instead of going off to help add more light
Wolf – Mode lights wouldn’t update properly on start
Insects – Forcing only one of the mode select targets to be an insect
Zombie – mode callouts added
Pit Creature – middle mode objective light would not update properly when not found
Ethyl – Flasher/mode light alternate when you need to drop in from behind lock