January 30



NEW CODE! Stern Pinball has posted Munsters code v0.91.0 for the Pro model.

This code contains bug fixes, enhancements and additional polish.

Pro Code v0.91.0:

PRO V0.91 – January 28, 2019
– Fixed issue where the playfield multipliers would not reset if they were
bumped during the grace period.
– Enlarging Ray from mystery will now complete Grandpa.
– Adjustment to disable SPOT was spelled wrong
– Fixed an issue while entering initials with 10 characters turned on

– Added Secret Mania – You need a code. The first clue of the code is findable
– Each of the 5 family members has an area:
– Lily: the LILY bank
– Eddie: Either Orbit
– Herman: Herman toy
– Grandpa: Left ramp
– Marilyn: Right ramp
– Shoot each area to collect them. Collect all 5 for a bonus.
– Added Midnight Madness – Set your clock and start playing just before
– Added Midnight Madness Champion
– Added Adjustments for Midnight Madness.
– MANDNESS CHAMP ATTRACT SOUNDS – YES = The game will chime on the hour
– The Mystery Feature now always lights MYSTERY SUPER JACKPOT in addition to
a random feature
– Spot Toy pops up at game start for a few seconds or when the ball is plunged

– Raven Restart background lamp effect was hiding too many lamps.
– Tightened up the orbit timers to allow for awards even if balls are kicking
from the Dragula or the ball shooter.
– Removed the white shots from SPOT. They don’t mean anything anymore.
– Changed default replay to 30M
– Adjusted the weights for Mystery and made Mystery more intelligent
– Removed redundant audits
– Improved the timing of some speech calls
– Grandpa can no longer be advanced during Spot
PRO V0.90 – January 7, 2019
– Fixed various speech issues
– Fixed an issue in instant info where some jackpots left till super were
using an incorrect count.
– Fixed an issue where the instant info extra ball page was displaying the
incorrect info.
– Fixed where Grandpa High Scores come from
– Fixed mystery page turning logic, wasn’t waiting for page animations to

– Added Sound for Start of Spot
– Added Spot background lamp effect
– Added Marilyn, Eddie, and Zap info to instant info screen.
– Added various speech calls
– Added Lily Level 2 award choreography
– Added Grandpa Lit Trap door animation to the background
– Added Raven Boosted Jackpot animation
– Added Munster Madness Jackpot and Hurry-Up award clips to display effect
– Added switches left count until super jackpot to lily background text
– Added Lily mode alternate starts that are shorter
– Pops / Super Pops scoring displayed at living room fireplace
– Spot background now changes between stairs down and stairs up version of loop
– Added buzzer and phone sounds to Herman Hurry up 3 background

– Tweaked many instant info pages
– Mystery will now light Super Jackpot in tournament settings
– Made SPOT stay up until you light super-jackpot for the first time.
– Adjusted the timing for various speech calls
– Modified Super Jackpot High Score to be based off of the player’s single
highest super jackpot, rather than the summation of all super jackpot
received during the game.
– Cat added to background of skill shot living room scene
– Tweaked Cat in background
– Kitty text scaled down to fit
– improved the Mystery animation

PRO V0.83 – December 19, 2018
– Fixed an issue where super jackpot champion wasn’t showing in attract mode
– Fixed exiting end of ball bonus and the text not lining up correctly
– Fixed missing Grandpa high score during attract mode.
– Fixed an issue where attract mode movies were lagging when loading up.
Easter eggs will be more responsive
– Grandpa I in the UI will no longer flash when its not running
– Removed Upper flipper switches from the PRO
– Sound test had the wrong text for the sounds
– Gradnpa’s Enlarging Ray now says the correct text for its total
– Mystery will be smarter about selecting awards
– Fixed a problem where Herman Multiball would start too soon
– Fixed an issue where kitty multiplier speech always occurred, even when
multipliers were not increased.
– Fixed an issue where grandpa high scores in attract mode was using lily scores.
– Fixed an issue where credits were not displayed correctly
– Sometimes the DARN DARN DARN script would not work correctly
– Added Mode titles in the TVs
– Fixed occasional crash when Lily mode background is killed
– Messages are now correctly pluralized

– Added speech in many areas: SJP lit, new boost, outlane drain, raven
multiball, Munster Madness, and Munster Madness hurry up
– Added Munster Madness –
– Starts as a 4-ball multiball. There are three parts:
Part One – Complete an area
In the first part you are completing any of the seven
areas. Each area buffs the multiball in some-way:
1 – GRANDPA – LIGHTS ADD TIME – until part three
2 – LILY – ALL SWITCHES SCORE – until part three
3 – HERMAN – STARTS BALL SAVE – once per cycle
4 – SPOT – START BOOST ALL – until part three
5 – RAVEN – LIGHT KITTY – once per cycle
6 – EDDIE – DOUBLE JACKPOTS – until part three
7 – MARILYN – LIGHT SUPER JACKPOTS – until part three
The area will stay complete until the end of the 3rd part.

Part Two – Shoot Jackpots
After each area is complete Jackpots will light for a short time. Each
time you collect a jackpot the timer resets.

Part Three – Cascading Hurry-ups
After all 7 areas are complete and you have had a chance to collect
jackpots a series of Hurry-Ups begin. The Hurry ups are worth more the
more jackpots that were collected.

After Part Three the whole thing resets and continues for the length of
the multiball.

– Like all the other multiballs completing DRAGULA will light Add-A-Ball.
– Like all other jackpots if your Zap Meter is charged collecting them will
light Zap Jackpots
– Added an adjustment to disable the Spot Toy.
– While SPOT is up for any reason you can now hit him to progress his rule or
– Added WHITE shots to Enlarging Ray. WHITE shots will light jackpots in
addition to the mini-targets.
– Added new special/replay/token/ticket/bumpnwin scene and sound.
– Added Raven Start video to display effect
– Added Raven background display effect
– Added sounds to the start of Lily and Area Complete
– Added Ball save adjustment for the eject
– Added a Lamp effect when the ball is release from the eject
– Added a end of ball bonus lamp effect
– Added placeholder display effects
– Added Spot display effects

– Reduced Bonus Multipliers from Kitty from 3 to 2
– Increased the starting shots needed to start Grandpa from 1 to 3
– Modified the frequencies of several speech calls.
– Mainplay background changed from static image to looping video clip
– Skill Shot award zoom in animations now play at 2x speed
– Ball search will now be smarter about two balls on the magnet
– Improved many sounds and speech calls
– Adjusted Attract mode pages
– Skill Shot Text now show up when the camera is in the room
– Skill Shot Backgrounds now at higher living room angle
– Main play Background now at higher living room angle
– Tweaked the order of the attract mode pages
– Improved the Marilyn award sound
– Balanced some of the scores
– Stopped ball search from happening when it should not.
– Added Pig sounds to the pig in enlarging ray
– Adjusted all the default scores to beat for entering your intials
– updated Raven clock and text
PRO V0.82 – December 10, 2018
– Munster Madness Ready was not starting after a failed Raven Restart
– Fixed an issue where speech calls count-downs would not always work

– Added new default high score initials.

– Added Herman Flasher to GI lamp strings
– Updated the house interior art
– Skill shot awards text now zooms in in sync with the camera
– Skill shot idle animations updated
– Improved Speech timing
– Changed the way Munster Madness allows the player to progress. They can only
progress one at a time. This only affects the ramps.

PRO V0.81 – December 7, 2018
– Initial release.