December 19



NEW CODE! Stern Pinball has posted Deadpool code version 0.96.0 for the Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models.
This code contains new modes, bug fixes, system updates and additional polish.

Pro – v0.96.0:

Premium – v0.96.0

Limited Edition – v0.96.0

LE V0.96.0 – Dec 18, 2018
– Added WEAPON Awards
– Shoot flashing weapon shots to bank weapons.
– Shoot the HELLHOUSE scoop when WEAPON JACKPOT is lit to collect banked weapons.
– Collect 45 weapons to light MECHSUIT MULTIBALL
– Collect 75 weapons to light EXTRA BALL
– Shoot the center loop to advance and start BERSERKER RAGE
– Shoot the spinners to collect the spinner value.
Hit pop bumpers to increase spinner value.
– Added animations
– Juggernaut Battle Final Shot
– Mystique Battle Final Shot
– Sabretooth Battle Final Shot
– Added adjustment “HELLHOUSE EJECT POWER”
– Added and improved light shows
– Tweak:
– 40 spins of DAZZLER SPINNER (was 60) to start DISCO LOOPS
– 70 spins of DAZZLER SPINNER (was 120) to start DISCO MULTIBALL
– Tweak: Increased value of Weapon BONUS
– Tweak: MEGALODON QUEST score and shot balancing.
– Added LIFETIME count to Standard Audit #16 “Total Plays”.
– Added JAPAN_3 Coinage 1/YEN 200.
– Added new standard adjustment PLAY ATTRACT TUTORIAL VIDEOS
which is default to YES.
– Added attract mode tutorial videos for inserting coins, pressing
start button, using ball plunger, and flipper buttons.
– Added UTIL->VOL adjustments for minimum and maximum master volume level and
minimum and maximum headphones volume level.
This will limit the selectable volume range from the service menu Plus and
Minus keys and the headphones rotary dial.
– Added support for 6th coin switch.
– Update to nodeboard firmware v0.28.0