October 13


Dutch Pinball new shit


Here’s a small update and other news regarding Jaap.

At this point there’s nothing I can tell about the negotiations concerning the production of the games. As soon as we have more news we will share it with you.

The main reason things are going slow at the moment is because Jaap is undergoing treatment for cancer. I know there are some rumors and speculations, and unfortunately I have to confirm they are true. So for me and Dutch Pinball there’s only one thing important right now and that’s Jaap’s health. Today is the end of week six of his seven week treatment (chemo and radiation therapy) and after the treatments are finished we have to wait how soon Jaap will feel better and how the treatment went. Of course we all are confident that Jaap will get better soon!

Some of you who already knew this already sent us best wishes and other kind messages for Jaap. I really want to thank everyone who did, also on behalf of Jaap; it really means a lot to receive this support.

As soon as I have more news about Jaap or production of the games I will let you know.

Kind regards,

Barry (& Jaap)

P.S. Jaap just sent me this photo out of the hospital. Great shirt! : )