keeping the ball alive. Kickstarter October 02


keeping the ball alive. Kickstarter

First, I know we missed our September update and we apologize for that, but we have now secured the completed CD archive from Stern giving us 5 TB of new data!

This doubles the amount of data we had a couple months ago!

I know many people are asking, “What is taking so long?!?”. And we know we are WAAAAY overdue on this project. But we also know that if we don’t take the time to get it right we will all regret it in the long run.

So, where are we at now?

1. We have a great graphic designer on board till the completion of the project.

2. We have the completed “story” / copy signed off by Stern.

3. We now have 10 TB of images and data we are churning through to pick the absolute best stuff.

4. We have Slash’s intro completed and signed off on.

5. We have done the retouching on most of the historic photos we intend to include.

What do we have left to do?

1. Filter through all of the new images we got from Stern!

2. Photoshop / cut out / clean up the images we want to use.

3. Build the layouts based on the layout formats we have established.

4. Get the entire book approved by Stern and all involved.

5. Go to print!

I know waiting has been frustrating, but if we had made this book without this archive of data I think we would have done all of us a disservice.

We are very excited about the material we have and the direction the book is going in, and we know that when you get your hands on it you will be pleasantly surprised 🙂

Thank you all for your patience,    Dameon and Joe, The Paperflock team

a small sampling from the archive