May 19


Dutch Pinball new shit

We are reaching out with the kind of news we desperately never wanted to do. Just know we are continuing to do all that we can to rectify this situation. Unfortunately, we find ourselves at a critical point in time. We have been subpoenaed by our former contract manufacturer ARA and as a result, we have put in a counterclaim. Given the seriousness of this we are not able to provide any details about this process until it goes to the courts for their findings and decision.

What started out as a dream of creating wonderful pinball machines has become an ongoing and terrible nightmare. We deeply and sincerely wish we had better news to share especially for all of you who have been so supportive of us over these past few years. We honestly have tried everything we could to give this project a positive outcome, but with the pending lawsuit we have to put everything on hold. This does mean that production by Xytech has to be postponed until further notice.

The only thing we ever wanted is to build a beautiful game for you and many other people to enjoy. Our dream has been shattered by forces we could not control. We are heartbroken about this but have not given up hope that all will be resolved and games will get built and shipped. But the question of when this might happen, is still an unknown.

Be assured that as soon as we have any news we can share we will send an update.

All of our very best,

Barry and Jaap