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New Designer and Making Progress!

Posted by PaperFlock Inc (Creator)


Hello Kickstarter Backers!

This last month has seen some complications, but also some great steps forward.
First the complications: we have had additional copy revisions after we sent our final revision, but the good news is we believe we, this morning, received the final notes and are prepping the FINAL version of the text today!

The other complication is we had to find a new graphic designer. This required a lot of searching and interviews to find someone we felt was really right for the project, but also in a budget range we could afford.

I’m very happy to announce that just yesterday, we met with and employed a new graphic designer! His name is Zach Guenther and he has a small design studio here in Los Angeles called Minimaal Studio.

You can see some of his very nice work here:
We talked with him for hours yesterday and previous days on the phone to make sure our aesthetics and design goals were aligned for this project.

We talked about celebrating each machine, a design focus on the art of the games, creating a separate space to enjoy the story, and a separate space to focus on the machines.

We really concentrated on the experience of the book, especially on repeat viewings, and I think we came to some really great design decisions that will make this book a joy to interact with again and again.

I know time frame is the big question right now.
We believe the design process will be around 8 weeks for a book this size.
The content is collected.
The story is written.
The people are in place.
And we are excited about finishing this project in the best way we can.

Thank you all for your patience and cooperation,
Dameon and Joe.