April 27



31337792_10156455340609244_714187137871773696_n.jpgNEW CODE! Stern Pinball has posted Guardians of the Galaxy code version 0.95.0 for the Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models.

This code contains enhanced and revised secondary modes as well as additional score balancing.

This code also adds additional polish, enhancements, and contains bug fixes.

Pro – v0.95.0:

Premium – v0.95.0

Limited Edition – v0.95.0

LE/PRE V0.95 – April 26, 2018

– Fixed an issue where mystery would award Orb lit when it was already lit.
– Optimized Trinket award display effects that are used during the Antiquities Shop mode.
– Added new pop bumper display f/x to Yaka Arrow 2.
– Fixed a bug where mode select was not showing the correct amount of time for a mode.
– Now the top lane skill shot lamp will be aligned with a top lane Escape Kyln lamp
(if Escape Kyln is Active) making it easier to collect both awards at once.
– Optimized mode display effect artwork load times.
– Fixed a scoring bug in Antiquities Shop.
– The first session of Quill’s Quest is a 2 ball multiball. If both balls drain before the mode
is completed the next ball will make mode select available instead of putting the game back into Quill’s Quest.
– Modified score positions for alternate mode 2 award display effects that appear and co-exist with
primary mode/multiball award display effects.
– Now the Sibling Rivalry 2 start display effect is aborted if the Sibling Rivalry 2 award is collected before
the Sibling Rivalry 2 start display effect has had an opportunity to run. This also holds true for
Yaka Arrow 2 and Quill’s Quest 2 start display effects.
– Increased Groot Multiball base jackpot scores.
– Decreased Orb Multiball base HurryUp scores.
– Fixed a bug where mode start display effects could cause the game, over time, to reset.
– Fixed an animation bug with the Knowhere 2 artwork.
– Added rules to Groot to compensate for a disabled Groot Motor, i.e. hit Groot to simulate a Groot ball lock event.
– Fixed an issue where the Yaka Arrow 2 pops were not showing the correct display effect while other modes were running.
– Fixed a bug on Yaka Arrow 2 pops where the first pop hit was not showing any display information.
– Optimized Pod Chase 2 display effects.
– Added layered display effects for Yaka Arrow 2 and Sibling Rivalry 2.
– Fixed an issue where the pop bumpers rule wouldn’t display any information on 1 pop hit.
– Now mode select is available following the Cherry Bomb Multiball completion/ball draining sequence.
– Fixed a bug where mode select was started prematurely upon shooting the right scoop to collect the last shot of a mode award.
– Fixed Quill’s Quest 2 display effect criteria of which award should be shown.
– Added a Quill’s Quest 2 award lightshow.
– Fixed a bug where collecting the final Quill’s Quest award at the right scoop would start/collect/finish Quill’s Quest 2.
– Added a Hadron Enforcer Limit adjustment, default= 3. This limits the number of Hadron Enforcer ‘shots’ you can have in reserve.
– Added new artwork/sound fx to Quill’s Quest 2.
– Fixed a bug where, upon locking a ball in Groot’s mouth, the new ball auto launched into play could start a super skill shot event.
– Added a layered display effect award to Quill’s Quest 2.
– Added flipper blowoff to Yaka Arrow 2 mode start display effect.
– Added new artwork for Knowhere 2 display effect awards.
– Added enhancements to the Sanctuary 2 award display effect.
– Added sound f/x to Knowhere, Knowhere 2 & Pod Chase 2.
– Modified mode 2 award display effects and logic to co-exist with primary/secondary/multiball award display effects.
– Optimized Save Xandar to use less display processes.
– Modified mode 2 alternate awards to be positioned lower on the display.
– The Hadron Enforcer is no longer available to collect the final shot during Immolation Initiative.
– Fixed a bug where the Hadron Enforcer was allowed to collect the Super Jackpot during Save Xandar.
– Fixed a bug that could crash the game during Save Xandar.
– Added sound fx/speech to Save Xandar.
– Optimized Cherry Bomb Multiball display effect processes as they were contributing to balls being
held in the right scoop during Cherry Bomb Multiball.
– Yaka Arrow 2, Pod Chase 2, Escape Kyln 2, Knowhere 2 & Sanctuary 2 award display effects were being cut short/off
by the their associated total screen upon mode completion. This has been fixed.
– Fixed a bug where the Hadron Enforcer was allowed to collect the first jackpot during Orb Multiball.
– Added speech (last ball) and sound effects to outlanes.
– Added stacking to secondary mode award display effects.
– The Sibling Rivalry 2 background display effect was displaying the wrong score award total, this has been fixed.
– optimized the Sibling Rivalry 2 award display effect.
– Quill’s Quest 2 was starting to count down too soon, this has been fixed.
– Added logic for Quill’s Quest Hurryup starting value’s last digit to be zero.
– Added rules for Quill’s Quest 2, a HurryUp centric rule. Shot the right scoop to collect a HurryUp award that
starts at 10% of your score.
– Optimized Pod Chase 2 background lamp effect.
– Added functionality to allow layered “mode 2” awards to finish displaying before showing their associated total screen.
– changed rules for Yaka Arrow 2, i.e. a super pop bumper centric rule. There are 50 Yaka Arrow Pop Awards.
Collect 1 at a time for each pop bumper hit, or, collect all of them at once by shooting the Yondu Lane/Target.
– Added rules for Sibling Rivalry 2, a Gamora right ramp centric rule. Shot the right ramp to collect all of the points
earned during Sibling Rivalry.
– Now Secondary modes, i.e. Yaka Arrow 2, Sanctuary 2, etc.. persist until the end of the ball or until all of their
associated points have been collected. Starting a new mode at the right scoop no longer stops Secondary modes.
– Fixed a bug where the Drax shot during upgraded Knowhere was not scoring correctly.
– Fixed a bug where the Yondu shot during upgraded Yaka Arrow was not scoring correctly.
– Added “flash lamp” style lamp effects to mode awards.
– Added topper effects to mode awards.
– Fixed a bug where the Broker shot during upgraded Antiquities Shop was not scoring correctly.
– Added a new guardians target bank “letter collected” topper effect.
– Added a topper lightshow for completing Guardian targets.
– Added a topper switch hit effect.
– Added topper light effects.
– Added a main play background topper light effect (which illuminates the topper based upon the mode/multiball that is active).
– Added topper effects that occur during playfield “flasher” events.
– Optimized how layered display effects are killed prior to being replaced with a new layered display effect.
– Increased the size of the current player’s score to make it easier to read.
– Fixed an issue where queued up mode awards would cause award light shows to play improperly.
This also occasionally allowed stacked awards to show on top of one another.

– Improved LED refresh rate and blink consistency.
– Improved reporting of shorted General Illumination bulbs and sockets.