March 25


Stern announced today during the 2018 PAPA Circuit held in Chicago its newest title.  Iron Maiden pinball was announced before the finals of the event.  Iron Maiden is a theme based on the rock band that was formed  in London England, 1975.  The pinball machine was not shown during the announcement but you can only speculate that the artwork will be based on the band’s mascot Eddie or also known as Eddie the Head.  The band started using Eddie’s imagery around 1980 starting with the band’s EP record cover titled Running Free.  Eddie was then used on every Iron Maiden album cover afterwards starting with Killers.  Iron Maiden still uses Eddie’s imagery as of today as the band’s mascot and on stage during performances. I am sure Eddie sells a lot of merchandise for the band.

The band is known for songs such as Run to the Hills, Wasted Years, The Trooper, and The Number of the Beast.

Not many details were given during the announcement.

Stay tuned for more information on Iron Maiden pinball when it is announced.

Eddie Album Covers :