February 14


Dutch Pinball

Welcome to our regular update on the status of the production of The Big Lebowski™ Pinball.

Although things seem to take forever we finally see light at the end of the tunnel. Xytech has finished Engineering Sample (ES) number 4 of the pilot builds and it will be send out to us next week, just after Chinese New Year. The ES 3 is in The Netherlands for a few weeks now and besides some issues we are very happy with the overall quality.

We hoped to be in production already, but because of the immense complexity of building a pinball machine, things take longer. We know this game inside out, but for the Xytech team it is a complete new type of machine and it takes time for them to learn and understand pinball.

We expect game 4 will be 99.9% perfect and, if so, that’s the point when we are ready for starting ‘real’ production again in China. On February 26th the Chinese New Year will be over and Xytech will then start setting up the pinball production line in the factory.

Giving a specific time when production will start depends on lead-time of parts. Most parts will take only a few weeks, but some parts may take up to two months once ordered. This means that at this point we expect to begin assembly in April-May. In the meantime we won’t sit still of course, because we and Xytech can use this time to prepare everything for production and start with sub-assemblies with the parts that are already there.

We are working very hard to get you your TBLs and this is the only important thing right now for Dutch Pinball.

We will come with a new update after we have received and reviewed game number 4 from Xytech.

Barry and Jaap