January 06



Stern Pinball has posted new Batman code version 0.85.0 for the Premium,Limited Edition and Super Limited Edition models.

This code update features two new exciting minor villain modes!

The code also adds additional polish and contains bug fixes.

Super Limited Edition – v0.85.0:

Limited Edition – v0.85.0:

Premium – v0.85.0:

V0.85.0 – Jan. 4, 2018

– Added SHAME mode:
– 2 ball multiball.
– GADGET and TV targets lit (two GADGET, one TV).
– Pop bumpers cycle lit targets.
– All switches score and add to the target values.
– Once 4 targets are made, two shots are lit, one on the left side
and one on the right side; each shot scores the target value.
– Seven shots (adjustable) to complete the mode; multiball does not
– Added MAD HATTER mode:
– Two shots lit (random).
– Every 10 seconds (adjustable), if a shot is not made, a new shot
is added.
– Complete all shots in this stage to advance to the next stage.
– Fixed an issue where the small TVs for channel changing would possibly
not appear on ball 2 or later in a multi-player game for some players.
– Fixed an issue where the static on the small TVs for channel changing
would possibly run indefinitely.
– Re-balanced some sounds and speech.
– Changed some minor villain video clips in attract mode to remove
talking with no speech.
– Removed the ability (via adjustments) to stack lighting the jackpot
shot for the EGGHEAD mode. The jackpot can be lit one time only.
– Reworked small TV art:
– Increased spacing between small TVs.
– Increased visibility of timers.
– Static layer moved to cover text layer so text will not show on
top of static.
– Added high scores for MAD HATTER, and SHAME modes.
– Stern logo rendered over city-scape background so pricing and credits
can be seen.
– Fixed an issue with the Villain Escape where the gadget would not award
a CRANE shot if only CRANE shots were available.
– Added adjustments to carry over the GADGET and TV targets (default: YES).
– Changed flipper blowoff for mystery such that it instantly displays the
mystery award.