December 16



Stern Pinball has posted Guardians of the Galaxy code version 0.80.0 for the Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models.

This code contains game fixes, adjustments, and enhancements.

Pro – v0.80.0:…/game-code-guardians-of-the-ga…

Premium – v0.80.0…/game-code-guardians-of-the-ga…

Limited Edition – v0.80.0…/game-code-guardians-of-the-ga…

PRO V0.80 – December 15, 2017

– fixed guardians letter award issue with multiple letters showing at the same time.
– fixed scoring and sound fx for spinners.
– added differentiation for left and right spinner animations.
– added spinner display effects (LE/PRE only).
– added/fixed missing lights in attract mode lightshows.
– found a few instances where, upon draining, the last movie line would still be repeated at the start of the next ball. This has been fixed.
– Groot Multiball now saves progress and continues from the previous session.
– changed Groot Multiball difficulty, i.e. lowered the number of hits to Groot’s Jaw to light lock (Hard = 1 hit, Extra Hard = 2 hits).
– changed criteria for starting Immolation Initiative (now modes must be half completed to qualify instead of starting a mode). Orb/Groot Multiball criteria remains the same.
– fixed Antiquities Shop speech timing.
– Added spell out to instant info
– fixed antiquities shop speech timing.
– added a delay to the knocker to sync better with the match speech.
– fixed several broken speech calls.
– fixed a problem where Groot Multiball was not displaying the correct Jackpot scores.
– changed Orb Multiball scoring.
– optimized Spinner art
– removed unused/combined speech
– added more Drax speech.
– added mother speech.
– added spell guardians display F/X.
– added/fixed additional Korath/Quill/Collector/Carina speech.
– added Rampage Spell out and Rampage Start Display effects to game.
– added Groot Multiball Jackpot sounds.
– fixed the AD_MULTIPLIER_SET_REQUIRED_BEFORE_RECOLLECT adjustment, i.e. once a shot multiplier has been collected, it is not available to be re-lit until all of the other shot multipliers have been collected.
– added display animations to Sibling Rivalry, Pod Chase.
– added Super Skill Shot display effect.
– added Star Lord speech to Quills Quest, Pod Chase, Antiquities Shop
– changed the difficulty of advancing towards Orb Multiball.
– Orb Multiball now saves progress and continues from the previous session.
– added Shot Multipliers display F/X.
– optimized jackpot explosion animations
– optimized Rampage Start animation.
– changed default speech/music attenuation on French games.
– fixed a problem where mode timers, upon restarting after a drained ball, did not restart where they left off.
– added speech to Groot Multiball.
– fixed a problem with the ticket(s) redemption display effect, i.e. it was running too long for each ticket awarded and delaying other display effects that were waiting to run.