October 05



Code Update Links :

Pro – v0.91.0:

Premium – v0.91.0

Limited Edition – v0.91.0

Installation notice:
This code release is in zip format. The zip file downloaded will need
to be unzipped before installing on a USB stick.

Update instructions:
1 – Download the zip file
2 – Unzip the file, this will create a folder that contains two files
3 – Open folder, copy only the two files to the root level of a USB stick. Do
not copy the folder.
4 – Power game off
5 – Insert USB stick
6 – Turn on game
7 – After game boots up it will give the option for software update
8 – Volume buttons change options for full or quick update. Enter selects the
option and starts the update.
9 – Once update is completed game will prompt user to power game off and
remove USB stick.

LE/PREMIUM V0.91 – September 29, 2017
– When the last mission to complete was started, the video introduction and
instructions were being skipped. This has been corrected.
– Fixed the name of the Adjustment to change the power for the ‘RIGHT’ Eject
– The spinner holo display effect was broken in V0.89. It now animates
– If a higher priority holo display effect was being displayed, each spinner
hit would extend its display time. This has been fixed.
– Fixed the fork ramp driver to properly move in both directions as needed.
– Fixed the fork ramp test to use the in-game driver.
– Fixed R2-D2 tag line in instant info.
– Fixed the interaction of the fork ramp and left inner loop awards. You will
no longer be able to complete left inner loop awards by shooting the right
inner loop or dribbling the ball over the ramp.
– Fixed the default number of balls available in Hyperspace Multiball.
– Fixed how and when the balls exit from the Accelerator during Hyperspace
– Fixed how the Accelerator exits the ball when lighting Death Star Missions.
– The right EOS switch will no longer report to be bad when it’s not.
– The music for the mission Escape from Cloud City will no longer go silent.
– The orbit test will no longer make a sound as a ball goes around the orbit.
– Fixed how Victory Multiball handles grace period. If you Add-A-Ball in the
grace of two Victory Multiballs running at the same time they will now both
restart correctly.
– All timers will now pause during Boba Fett awards and total screens.
– Fixed when “Jedi Multiball Ready”starts. It now waits for multiball
grace periods in order to prevent resurrecting a multiball.
– The 3-bank skill shot arrows were not visible if you were in the middle
of “Fight the TIE fighters” mission. This has been corrected.
– The Accelerator test now reports the correct number of balls in the system.
– “Escape from Boba Fett” no longer starts with other modes if the final
shot to start Boba Fett is the same shot that starts a mission.
– Fixed the sudden jump in Jackpot value for Hyperspace Multiball. The value
will now grow as designed.”
– Changing the “Choose Your Path” option will no longer kill the “Shoot Again”
sound effect.
– The small display no longer shows the incorrect background after MATCH.
– If Escape from Boba Fett and Death Star Missions are both lit and its the
last shot to start Escape from Boba Fett, then the ball will correctly be
retained by the accelerator and then be released when the start display
effect ends. Also the missions prompt will not start.
– Fixed some confusion at the end of Hyperspace multiball and Death Star
missions are lit. If you quickly shoot the left ramp the ball will now be
retained and you will be prompted to choose a mission.
– Attract mode no longer shows the incorrect data for REPLAY LEVEL 4, if
– If REPLAY LEVELS adjustment is set for anything but 1 or 4, and you use the
left flipper to navigate backwards during attract, the wrong background clip
is displayed when showing replay level 2 or 3. This has been corrected.
– Instant Info HSTD #2 wasn’t displaying the initials.
– Attract mode video clips and speech will no longer step on each other.
– Sometimes the theme music was not in sync with the intro video during
attract mode.
– Holotext effects were sometimes not displaying when collecting BONUS HOLD
– BONUS HOLD was carrying over some bonus scoring it shouldn’t have.


– Added instructions on the small lcd during mission start.
– Added “Navigate the Asteroid Field” Video Mode:
– You can play it two ways. You can choose the Hoth I mission. Also
you can light it by completing the FORCE drop targets 3 times.
– During the video mode:
– Use the left and right flipper buttons to move the Falcon
left and right.
– Use the action button to go faster for a short time.
– Avoid hitting Asteroids
– You receive points from passing asteroids and from your
best streak of asteroids without hitting one.
– Your Level and shot multiplier will also affect your scoring.
– There is a video mode champion
– Only Leia and Han can play the HOTH I mission.
– Added “Light Saber Duel”:
– It will light when you complete the 5th set of FORCE targets
– Lightsaber Duel Ready will automatically start when you have it lit
and nothing else is running.
– Shoot the left ramp to then start Lightsaber Duel.
– During the mode:
– The object is to delay Vader while your friends escape
– Blue shots (both inner loop shots and right ramp) will help
your friends escape.
– Red Shots (Left ramp and 3-bank) will increase your time.
– The mode ends if the time runs out.
– The four character inserts (Han, Leia, R2-D2, and Luke) will
show your progress.
– The FORCE bank will increase the award values
– Regular FORCE bank rules are suspended during this
– The mode will only end when you complete all the blue shots or the
time runs out.
– The mode will continue at the start of the next ball if it was not
finished by either method.
– Added a CHOOSE YOUR PATH item for all characters allowing you to max
out your timer at the start of a new ball.
– Added a x-wing shooting type sound on the button during TIE fighter assault
– Added BONUS HOLD message during end of ball bonus.
– Added adjustment to disable any adult speech.
– Added Pop bumper lamp effects.


– Improved some confusion when the multiplier was toggled on or off.
– Lowered the default score needed to beat the bonus champion
– The behavior of the gate is now improved.
– Moved Spinner and timer sounds to different tracks so they would not
interfere with each other.
– Improved the Single post and Fork ramp logic in the inner loop.
– Improved how the fork ramp stops. It will now stop quicker when needed.
– Reduced how long the fork ramp stays in the half up position waiting for
the ball to exit the accelerator.
– Tweaked the attract movie clips
– Cleaned up how the accelerator is handled during Hyperspace Hurry up and
Hyperspace Multiball
– Tweaked the volume of some tunes
– Changed the tune for Endor II – Throne Room Duel
– Changed the order of instant info. Moved more ball relevant data closer to
the top.
– Increased the scoring for Tatooine II – Escape from Mos Eisley.
– Increased the scoring for Tatooine III – The Rancor
– Changed 3-Bank skill shot to only be one shot that moves
– Added the shaker motor to the Match choreography.
– Added sounds to 10 point switches
– Added the Escape light to the lights that are not hidden during Escape from
Boba Fett. You can now see if you have Escape lit during that mode.
– Shortened how long the game holds the ball to show the player their Boba
Fett Total.
– Callouts in Death Star I are less repetitive.
– Attract mode no longer plays video clips while game over music is playing.
– The list of champions in the attract mode are now all on separate pages.
You can now use the flipper buttons to move to the one of interest quickly.
– Reordered CHAMPION adjustments to match attract mode and Instant Info.
– Completing a Jedi Rank will now spot a set of FORCE targets.
– Time of day during attract mode no longer uses an abbreviated name of the
– Changed the color of combo shots from Mauve to Cyan.
– Canceling Bonus with the flippers now kills the sound from scene.