September 16


Dutch Pinball

Welcome to your weekly update on the production of The Big Lebowski™ Pinball.

Last week we informed you about the motorbike accident that Jaap had. Fortunately the rider is ok (the bike is not but insurance will cover this) and we received a question as a result of this message. The question was: what would happen with the production and delivery of TBL if Barry and Jaap both would die? This is of course not what we have planned but… We looked at it and came to the conclusion that at this moment the production is covered by our new contract manufacturer and sales and service is covered by our official distributors Cointaker and Nitro Amusements. So you don’t have to worry if you hear news about a plane crash. All is organized to get you your TBL!

In the meantime we packed a pallet with parts for the Engineering Samples and it is now on its way to the factory. You’ll understand that we are very excited, we finally will be building TBLs again! In the factory the parts will be organized and prepared for assembly. We are still on track to finish the first ‘new’ Engineering Sample in October! After that we can start up regular production and we hope to be able to deliver the first batch of ‘new’ TBLs in December 2017.

This week we also would like you to show some of the new PCBs. We are very happy how they look  and hope you also will like what you see:


Until next week!

Kind regards,

Barry & Jaap

Dutch Pinball