August 09


A new Kiss code update has been released by Stern.  People have been waiting a long time for an update, I do not think this is what they wanted.  It seems the update is for bug fixes with no major changes to game play.

Download Update Below :

Premium/LE :

Pro :

V1.30.0 – Aug. 2, 2017

– Fixed debounce times for the Dollar Bill Validator.
– Added “save progress” adjustments for DEMON MULTIBALL and LOVE GUN
MULTIBALL (Default: NO).
– TRACKS (SONGS/MODES) now reset once all TRACKS have been completed.
(It was previously not possible to play any of the TRACKS again after
the last TRACK was completed.)
– LOVE GUN MULTIBALL is now allowed to start when KISS/ARMY is lit.
– Increased HEAVEN’S ON FIRE multiball scores. Removed scoring caps.
– Fixed a bug in the auto-percentaged EXTRA BALL module that would
sometimes set the number of INSTRUMENTS to light EXTRA BALL to a very
high value.
– Fixed a bug where the STARCHILD INSTRUMENT for HEAVEN’S ON FIRE was
staying lit even when the item in the grid had been awarded.
– Lit INSTRUMENTS now carry over ball-to-ball.
– SHOUT IT OUT LOUD TRACK (SONG/MODE) was not keeping all of its data
in player state. If two people played the TRACK, it was possible for
one player to complete a set of shots and then the other player would
not have any shots lit, and be stuck playing SHOUT IT OUT LOUD for
the rest of the game. This has been corrected.
– The back panel switch on the Premium/LE was not giving out all of the
awards the right ramp was giving. This has been corrected.
– Moved the call to start LOVE GUN MULTIBALL to the end of the right ramp
award sequence, so the INSTRUMENT(S) can be lit. When the INSTRUMENT
light and the START LOVE GUN MULTIBALL light on the right ramp are lit
at the same time, the player expects the INSTRUMENT to be lit. This
has been corrected.
– Fixed a bug where the incorrect multiplier value was being displayed
– Fixed a bug where the ball save from the DEMON LOCK was not working
correctly during multiball. This required adding a separate adjustment
for DEMON MULTIBALL BALL SAVE (Default: OFF). The times are different
than the existing DEMON BALL SAVE, along with the behavior.
– Lowered the number of grid completions to light HEAVEN’S ON FIRE from
2 to 1.
– Increased the HEAVEN’S ON FIRE ball save time by five seconds.
– Raised the priority of the TRACK SELECT lamp effect so it is higher
than everything else. This allows the player to see which shot arrows
are associated with each TRACK during the selection process.
– BACKSTAGE PASS add-a-ball was not restarting HEAVEN’S ON FIRE. This
has been corrected.
– HEAVEN’S ON FIRE was not restarting if add-a-ball was awarded via the
STAR targets during the grace period. This has been corrected.