August 06


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This month Jessica Kane has written an article about music artists you love in pinball machines for the Pinball Supernova Pinball Blog.  Jessica is a writer for The Pinball Company.


Pinball Machines Featuring Music Artists You Love

Some of the most popular pinball machines that you can play are based on movies, but there are also a lot of models that are designed after musicians. These tables allow you to play great machines as they introduce you to their music. If you are already familiar with the band, then you can simply enjoy the best songs that they have in their discography as you enjoy your game of pinball. Here are some of the best pinball machines that feature musicians of all time:


The very first KISS pinball machine was released in 1978. When you first hit the ball into play, you will hear their iconic song “I Wanna Rock N Roll All Night.” As you try to keep the ball in motion, you will want to utilize the bumpers at the top that are designed to represent all four of the band members. In 2015, Stern re-released a Kiss pinball machine that was reminiscent of the original, but it was much brighter, with a lot of high energy music like you would experience at a KISS concert. It features 10 KISS songs for you to enjoy.


The first AC/DC pinball machine was released in 2002, and since then there have been five different editions released with different styles. You can enjoy the Pro, the Premium, the Back in Black Edition, the Luci Premium edition, and the Let There Be Rock edition. The artwork on all of these machines is incredible, and the 12 songs that are featured during game play will keep you coming back for more. The TNT backdrops are a great addition to this pinball machine, and if you hit them, you can expect high energy music to play.

Elton John

Do you remember Elton John’s album Capt. Fantastic? Well, the same year, there was a pinball machine that was released by Bally with the same name. The pinball features a display of the character that Elton John played in the rock opera, Tommy. This classic 70s pinball machine is perfect because it features a specific album, and you can enjoy the majority of the songs while you play. Elton John is a legend when it comes to his music, and that is why this machine is considered one of the most iconic machines in existence.

The Who

Based on that same rock opera, Tommy, there was another great pinball machine created, but this one featured members of the band The Who. The kid in the movie who is deaf, dumb, and blind was a pinball wizard, so Bally decided to make a pinball machine based on him. The machine features 12 musical numbers from the musical, and you can even enable the blinders on the board that obscures your vision so that you cannot see the flipper, giving you a blinding feeling that is very unique. When this mode is enabled, the music seems louder; I’m not sure if it really is louder, but the effect makes the music on this machine amazing.


Elvis is the king of rock and roll, so it only makes sense that there would be a pinball machine created around his music. This machine features all of the classics like Heartbreak Hotel, Jailhouse Rock, and Blue Suede Shoes. In fact, all of his classic songs are here, and as you work your way up the charts by getting points in the game, you can hear each of them. Right in the center of this pinball machine, there is a dancing Elvis figurine that sings and dances when each song plays, which makes it an even more entertaining pinball machine to play.


The Metallica pinball machine is one that is beloved by many pinball enthusiasts around the country. Of course, it is a great machine to play because it is fast paced and aggressive, but it also has great music that you will hear as you rack up the points. One of the reasons that this machine stands out for me is the fact that it does not have a specific playlist that forces you to listen to all of the songs on an album. With this game, you can choose from 12 classic Metallica songs to listen to as you play your game of pinball.

Sometimes, music artists don’t get recognized when their music is featured on pinball machines and other arcade games, so when a pinball machine is created to bring an artist’s music to the light, it is an amazing tribute. Name some other pinball machines that should be on this list.