July 17

PODCAST UPDATE : Founder of Jersey Jack Pinball, Jack Guarnieri w/ @ScottDraeger on innovation, great CX & passion

7-17-2017 7-05-31 AM

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This is not your usual episode of the InspireCast, well, we’re still talking up customer experience and loyalty, though this time we’re throwing in pinball machines, drones and selfie cams into the mix. A great session focusing on the concept of innovation for a product that “no-one needs” according to Founder of Jersey Jack Pinball, Jack Guarnieri. Jack discusses at length the concept of customer loyalty, the power of building trusted relationships, how to embrace new technologies and the value of selling by not selling. A great listen for startup Founders, sales execs and CMO’s wanting to understand just how to practically focus on the customer. As Jack puts it – without customers, you don’t have a business.