July 14


Dialed In

Recently I was able to get Jersey Jack’s newest pinball machine Dialed In.  Thanks Mike Daddona from Automated Services.  As I was videoing the unboxing the first time around all of my videos were lost because I accidentally formatted the memory stick of the video camera.  This video is the second filming minus the game being removed from the box and the legs being installed.

Dialed In was designed by Pat Lawlor and plays like a Williams game back from the 90’s.  The shots are smooth and flow very well.  There are numerous modes throughout the game to be explored.  Pat Lawlor brought back his old team that he worked with at Williams including artist John Youssi and game programmer Ted Estes. The music and sound were orchestrated by David Thiel.  David has created sounds and music for other games such as Wizard of Oz, Spider Man, Tron, AC/DC, and Star Trek.  The audio programmed into the game is fantastic.  The music and sounds are very fitting to the modes and theme of the game.

The graphics and art package displayed on the backglass are done equally well.  From the images displayed on the 27″ monitor in the back box of the game to the Quantum Theater (Pinball 2000 technology) in the middle of the play field, everything works very well. The lighting of the play field is equally beautiful.  The lighting matches Jersey Jack’s prior titles such as The Hobbit and The Wizard of Oz.  This machine is no exception to the beauty of the color changing LED’S under the play field.

In my opinion, this is the best Jersey Jack pinball machine to be released.  The theme may seem different, but it has grown on me especially when looking at the play field art designed by long time Pat Lawlor team member John Youssi.  Any pinball hobbyist would be proud to have this game sitting in their living room.  It is a work of art.

Video Edit : The lighting bolt in the game is not broken, the one point at the end of the bolt is missing because of ball hangs that it can cause.

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