July 09


Pinnovators Headphone Jack Title

I recently played Stern’s newest pinball machine Star Wars Pro model.  The game is much different than what I thought from the first videos and pictures released.

Game Play :

Game play is smooth but very fast.  I rarely had any air balls during game play.  The shots are smooth and not clunky at all.  The Mystery Kick out on the right hand side kicks out the ball to your flippers with high intensity.  The game I was playing had a tendency to sometimes shoot the ball straight down the middle after the kick out.  The six shots that make up the top of the play field are smooth and precise when completing.  The warp shot that loops the ball around when completed is fast, brutally fast.

The play field is open and a bit baron. As you are playing, you do not mind it or really think much of it.  The shots are very satisfying and you feel happy when they are completed.  I have to say, after playing the game, my opinions have changed from seeing the first pictures of the game.  The game play is fun, fast, and satisfying. The current rules released with the game seem very polished out of the box.  I am sure much more code needs to be implemented in the game, but I did not feel that anything was really missing.


The artwork on the playfield and cabinet are better in person than from the released pictures.  The inserts are a bit big and blocky but they work very well.  The hand drawn artwork on the play field and cabinet complement the Star Wars theme well.  I wish the artwork can be drawn more in a Dirty Donny or Zombie Yetti style, but they do work well in its present form.

The DMD video is fabulous.  The movie clips and other Star Wars images that flash on the screen are amazing.  Growing up with the first Star Wars movies and seeing them inside a pinball machine 40 years later is fantastic.  Kudos to the Stern team for producing such a great visual presentation in the game.


The sounds are great.  The music and call outs are loud, clear, and crisp when listening.  Again, kudos to Stern for producing such great sound quality in its last five games coming off the production line.  The character call outs and music in the game relate so well to the first three movies.


I was very surprised with the final package of the Star Wars Pro model.  Everything in the game ties into the first three movies very well.  The game play is fast, smooth, and gratifying.  You cannot help lifting your head up from the playfield to glance at the beautiful LCD screen that Stern is now shipping with its games.  I commend Stern for advancing in the pinball technology and moving forward with advancements such as this.  I cannot wait to see the toys and gadgets added to the Premium model when it is released. Stay tuned.