July 09


Pintastic 2017


Recently I attended the Pintastic 2017 pinball show located in Sturbridge MA.  Gabe, the organizer of the show does a fantastic job giving the people what they want to have a great time.  Things at the show consists of pinball games, clowns, face painters, console gaming, tournaments, late night parties, pinball speakers, and game playing almost all night.  Gabe was able this year to get Stern’s latest pinball machine Star Wars to be present at the show.  The code for the game was delivered in the morning from Stern Pinball via Fed Ex. The code was installed into the two Star Wars games that Coin Taker and Automated Services brought that morning.  The show to me is about hanging out with my friends, meeting and talking with many people in the pinball hobby,  and conversing with the vendors and seeing what new products are available.

Gabe the organizer of the show listens to people’s feedback and executes what needs to be done to make the show more fun and easier to navigate yearly.  Some of the changes this year was moving the tournament event into the vendor hall.  This was done to give the players more room and also provide foot traffic for the vendors to sell more items.  Also new at the show was a VIP area that was open until 6 AM.  The VIP area contained all of Gabe’s personal games which are immaculate and well playing.

Many of the well known vendors were at the show this year.  PinGraffix, Tilt Graphics, Automated Pinball Sales, Lermods, Coin Taker, Pinbox 3000, and Jersey Jack.  It’s great to walk around and talk with many of the vendors who many are my friends.  It’s also great meeting up with old and new friends at the show.  Tilt Graphics had new aprons, wall art, shirts, and game blades to offer.  PinGraffix had all of their great products to sell including power blades, translites with its power blades technology, mirror blades, and game blades. Lermods had many of their great pinball mods that Rob creates to be installed in many of the popular games of today.  Coin Taker and Automated brought many of the new titles to be sold including Star Wars and Dialed In.

The Game Room area had many varieties of games to be played.  From EM’s to the modern Stern and Williams, everyone seemed to be having a great time.  Some one offs were also available to be played including Van Halen and Evil Dead.  Thanks to everyone for bringing their games to all the pinball shows.  Without you, shows like this would not exist.

My friends and I also got to speak with Jeremy Packer (aka Zombie Yetti) in the vendor hall.  Jeremy talked to us about his past and present career including him working with Stern pinball.  He gave us about two hours and was a delight to talk with.  I also played and talked with many people in the pinball hobby including Levi Nayman, Tim Sexton, and Lorenzo Lavita who all were great to hang with.  I also had a quick chat with Jersey Jack and had him autograph a couple Dialed In flyers.  Super nice guy and looking forward to touring his facility which is about 30 mins from my house.

Guest speakers also were at the show including Jeremy Packer (Zombie Yetti), Barry Oursler, Todd Tuckey, Jersey Jack, and David Thiel.  Jeremy is an artist who creates beautiful artwork for pinball including Ghost Busters. Barry Oursler is the pinball designer of many of the classic Williams titles including Dracula, Cyclone and Dirty Harry.  David Theil is the sound programmer for a number of pinball companies. He has worked on Wizard of Oz, Star Trek, Tron, ACDC, and The Hobbit.

I had a great time at Pintastic 2017. Thanks to Gabe, his staff, and also everyone who brought machines from their personal collection to the show.  I had a fantastic time and looking forward to next year.